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Rasa Sayang Buffet for 2 persons + SPA

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Hey, any of you been to Rasa Sayang Buffet before? any of you been for SPA before?

You are so lucky, I never been to SPA before till date. Just always heard that it will keep you feeling relax and feeling good.

spa 1

spa 2

Wow, looking at the picture itself is already feeling so relaxing.

Also heard from my colleagues that Rasa Sayang Buffet with lobster and all the seafood is so delicious.

rasa sayang

The above pictures are taken from “Malaysia Food Blog, Malaysia Travel Blog “.

Marketing is an important key point for a business to success, many company are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in promoting their company name, promoting company brand, etc.


Exabytes is the No 1 hosting provider in Malaysia (top 500 WorldWide). Exabytes  is adding in a little bit more than what we normally do. Instead of offering the incentives for Exabytes clients or public to help promoting our brand and services, we are now running an internal contest (YES, only for Exabtes staff) in our marketing this round.

Some of the rules in this game as below:

Here’s the Rules (very simple):

1. Anyone in Exabytes also can participate.
2. Make at least 1 post / tweet / blog per day between 14-Sep-2009 to 30-Sep-2009.
3. Register your interest in participating by putting down your name here.
4. Paste the list of URLs or posting / tweets / blogs before 2-Oct-2009 to qualify.

Here’s the Prizes (very simple):
GSC Movie Vouchers x 2 Each
As long as you make at least 1 post / tweet / blog per day between 14-Sep-2009 to 30-Sep-2009 regarding our Raya Promotion, you are entitled for 2 GSC Movie Vouchers.

3 Hours SPA + Massage @ Gurney Hotel SPA (worth RM190) x 3 Winners
We will pick 3 most out standing participants and each of them are entitled for a 3 Hours Oriental or Balinese Massage + SPA @ Gurney Hotel

We will select base on following:
a) The Most Creative
b) The Most Traffics
c) The Most Posts

Rasa Sayang Buffet x 2 + 3Hrs SPA and Massage @ Gurney SPA x 1 winner
One winner will be selected as the best of the best and he / she will be entitled for:
a) Rasa Sayang Buffet for 2 persons (worth RM240) and
b) 3 Hours SPA + Massage @ Gurney Hotel SPA (worth RM190)

Yes, I just mentioned Raya Promotion above. Merdeka has just over and is time for Raya Promotion. Exabytes Raya promotion will start on 15-Sep-09 (Tuesday). Exabytes will be offering something real special this round. All new signup during our Raya Promotion will enjoy RECURRING DISCOUNT.


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Anything you or me can do now instead of sitting down and just wait?

Yes, of course. Help me click on the banner or any link to exabytes website. Also help me spread this news to all your friend who are interested to build their website/blog to grab this opportunities to signup fast.

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hosting comparison

Come back again tomorrow (15-Sep-09) and I have more to announce.

Promise !!! See you tomorrow.

AirAsia Flight Delay

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What is the first thing came into your mind when see the above logo?

Now everyone can fly
Cheap price
Frequent flight delay

I have been on AirAsia for twice and both flight were on-time and I’m telling people that not too bad from my own experience.

Today, I would like to change my statement again. Why?

Seong Seong went to KL (from Penang to LCCT) yesterday and his flight delayed for 1 hour (from 8.50pm to 9.50pm).

Today on hsi way back from KL to Penang, his flight suppose to be 7.00pm and guess what, the flight delay again.

How long do you think the flight is delayed today? The flight was delayed to 10.10pm (3 hours 10 minutes of delay) and Seong Seong waited in LCCT for the few hours. Pity Seong Seong. Lucky still got CoffeeBean where he can get online.

Finally, the plane has arrive and Seong Seong get onboard on time and thinking that he will be able to see me in another 1 hour time.  Hehe… Unfortunately, the flight delay again for around 15 minutes and fly only around 10.25pm.

I drive and reach Penang Airport at 11pm to fetch Seong Seong and the flight arrived only around 11.30pm and by the time Seong Seong walk out from airport is already 11.45pm. We reach home around 12 midnight.

Let’s do some very simple calculation here.

Total hour delayed
= 1 hr + 3hr 10 min  + 15 min
= 4 hr 25 min

Total flight
= 2 (from myself) + 2 (from Seong Seong)
= 4

Average delay per trip
= 4 hr 25 min / 4
= 1 hr 6 min

So, the next time you plan to take any airasia flight, get ready with 1 hour of delay in every flight. Hahaha …

I checked from AirAsia website and found the below.

In accordance with industry standards, an ‘on-time’ departure is one that departs from the designated bay no more than 15 minutes from the scheduled departure time.

Below is the statistic for their flight on-time performance.