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Swimming Class Today

Posted by: popoyan  /  Category: Misc

I’m staying in a lovely condominium in Penang. This condo has a very big swimming pool. Don’t ask me how big, never measure before. But I have some picture taken before I move in and stay here around 4 years ago.

My colleague came to my place for swimming for few times and they enjoy it so much with such a big pool. The pool consist of a baby pool (around 2 feet deep) and adult pool (1.8 meter). The baby pool has a water fall and a slide.


Today, they will be coming again to swim. Actually they come to play more than to swim. I’m alright with that as long as they enjoy it and they are happy with it since using or not using the facilities, I will still need to pay the maintenance fee of RM135/month to the management.

Today, I’ll be having a swimming class. Yes, you are right, swimming class. But not I attend or I learning to swim. I’ll be the coach to coach my colleague on how to swim.

I’m not a swimming instructor, I do not know how the actual or proper way to teach people to swim. But I will just teach from how I learn it. Teaching them to relax themself, teaching them to kick, etc. No fee involve and no guarantee. Haha.

Wish me good luck in today’s swimming class and wish my colleague good luck.

Is your house secure?

Posted by: popoyan  /  Category: Misc

Just got to know from my neighbour that there are few break-in within this few days inself in Pearl Garden. The committee of Pearl Garden has called for an emergency meeting tonight around 8.30pm to discuss on what we can do to prevent all these continue to happen.

They do mention that the same case happen past 3 years where there are few break-ins happen very closely. After the few cases, everything went back to peaceful environment.

All the cases happen this time was when the house owner went out only for 1 to 2 hours time and it was did in a very professional way. The thieves does not cut your padlock, they cut the padlock holder where you join both side of yoru door together. The thieves never break any of your wooden door as well.

According to police after these few cases, police suspected that there is a very high chances or possibility where all these cases were done by internal people. Might be the guard, might be any worker working inside, might be the resident themself.

Police do mention that these group of thieves might just rent a unit in Pearl Garden, then survey all the condition around and teh resident in/out timing. Once they are ready, they will go ahead with their project for few unlucky unit. Once project done, they will move out and rent at another place and repeat the same thing.

The committe has annouced that there will be some precaution steps to be taken in the future like installing CCTV, installing security access system to access to each of the block, restudying all the securty guard’s background, encourage resident to report immediately to security guard in case of found any unfamiliar faces wondering around, etc

However, all the resident were adviced to temporarily add additional padlock, or put a door clamp for self defense purpose where we can actually do all these immediately without much cost.

I just hope by sharing this post will increase the awareness of anyone to be more careful in taking care of your own property, get to know your neighbour well to at least work together to help each other when you are not around.

Good luck to all.