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Years of Accumulation

Posted by: popoyan  /  Category: Misc

Do you have any special collection? Either collection for own hobby or collection for the purpose of exchanging for something.

Collection of coupon from Guardian to exchange for softtoy, collection of coupon from Giant to exchange for kitchen utilities, etc.

I got a special collection which I have colleted for few years. Guest what is my collection. I guarantee you will never get the answer until I reveal it.

Take a look at this picture and see you know what are they.

I have arrange them into heart shape as picture below.

Yoh, you are right. It is the scoop of milk powder from my little Chyi and Kang. I have accumulate this for around 2 years and guess how many scoop in total is there in the above pictures.

Why do I colelct those scoop? of course there are some purpose behind it. I’m going to redeem for something for this collection. What and how to redeem?

Easy, cut out the scoop handles. Each handles is 10 points and we can redeem gift from the Abbott Share & Care World Redemption.

Snap 1 more picture before I throw away the scoop part since collected for so long time. Yeah, heart shape again. But you can now see the before and after I cut the handles from the scoop.

WooHoo !!! There are total of 86 handles. I have got 860 points in total. I will redeem 600 points from it for a tin of 900g Gain Plus EyeQ Step 3 (1 to 3 years Old) worth around RM50 for little Chyi and Kang.

Anyone who have the handles of Abbott and not using it. You may donate it to me OK? Thanks in advance.