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First Time in Action Profit Club Meeting

Posted by: popoyan  /  Category: Business Networking

I was in Customer Service field for more then 6 years (right after graduated from University). All my past workign experiences are helping client to solve any non-technical enquiry and to ensure client satisfaction. However, I’m in the position where we will re-act only something happen. In other words, passive approach.


Now, I have joined Sales and Marketing Department as Sales and Marketing Manager start from January 2009. That is one of the reason I have started to write this blog as well. On top of that, I have to change all my previous passive working approach to active or aggressive approach. Am I going to change to a totally different person very soon? Will See. haha.


To be more active and aggressive in sales and marketing, I need to learn to communicate more with people face to face, need to expand my social network to get to know more people, see how people do their business, get more business idea from other, expose more about my company services to others, etc etc etc…


Actually the first business networking activities that I have joined was MIRC TechNite (Chinese New Year Gathering) which was held at Chef & Brew Restaurant on 06-Feb-09.




I have attended another business networking session this morning organise by Action Profit Club at Action Business Center, Sunway Tunas, Penang.




The meeting time given to me was 8am and I’m there before 8am as punctuality is always something important for me. To my suprise, no body is there except for their staff. Then only I get to know that all 8am is breakfast time. hahaha.


After the breakfast, there are a networking session for all the member to interact to get to know more about each other. After the networkng session, we proceed to the meeting where the Mr Radin actulaly shared some latest information with all the member. They also recall back what they have learn in past session on facebook and to make sure that all the member do try registering and using facebook to help them in their business.


After that, each of the member were given a chance to talk about what they have done for the past 2 weeks as Action Profit Club meeting will be conducted twice a month.  All the member are senior (haha, talk like I’m still very young) and they shared things that they have done for the past 2 weeks. What they have achieve and what they have learn in the past 2 weeks.


Some of them do share their experience handling their children and I learn alot from them as well on how can I guide and teach my children in the correct way in the future. All the member do give feedback when other member is sharing. I’m a bit quiet today. Still not dare to speak out in front of public even I have some idea and some suggestion in ind to share with all of them. I can talk a lot to people I know or do not know through email, phone and chatting application. But when come to face to face conversation. Die hard, I mouth is like being glue and refuse to talk much. I think this is one of the thing that I need to overcome immediately in order for me to stands up and not only stay behing the screen all the time. I don’t think I can lead my department well if I’m not even able or have the courages to voice out what is in my mind.


Is late, almost 12 midnight. I’m so tired now. Tomorrow still need to wake up at am as having interview session for Sales Executve position at 7am.


To sum up everything, I learn a lot today morning joining this business networking session. Hope to join more this kind of session in the future.