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My 500GB Passport

Posted by: popoyan  /  Category: Misc

Wow, PC Fair (09/10/11 April 2010) in PISA Penang has just over.

I did not visit this PC Fair but tumpang Yeong Yeong to help buy a 500GB WD My Passport Essential.

So happy for getting it. I have been thinking to buy a external HDD since few years back to backup my data. However, I keep thinking how much space I shall buy, what brand I shall buy and so and drag till today. I got it from Yeong Yeong this morning and I place it on my table (in office). Many people walk by and ask me what is the price. I tell them RM350 I sell it to them with the pouch. No one seems interested. Hehe.

My laptop keep giving me error recently. I’m so worry that I will lost all my data anytime from now and therefore bought this 500GB of storage space for data backup purpose. Haha, of course with 500GB, I can store a lot of MP3, movie, picture (as i got a campact camera recently too, but not yet blog about it).

Let’s take a look how my new passport looks like.

This is the box (packaging) + a pouch to hold my passport in the future.

Haha, the actual size of my WD 500GB My Passport is half the size of the box only.

Do you see my camera inside the above picture? Yeah lo, the surface of this passport is just so reflective. I think I can use it as my mirror in office in the future.

This picture show the reflection of my living hall ceiling light. Nice huh!! If I do not tell you, you might think this is the design of the casing.

This is how my passport looks like compare to her new house.

This is how her new house looks like from the inside.

OK. I’m done with all the picture for my 500GB passport in this blog post. I have yet to actually start using it while writing this blog post. It’s 11.47pm and I got to test whether this passport is working or not.

This WD My Passport come with 3 years limited warranty.

Ops, I think I have yet to mention the price for this passport. Yeah, the external HDD alone is RM289.00 + the pouch is RM5.00. So, total = RM294.00. Hope  have got a good price for this purchase. :-)