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I’m the Rasa Sayang Buffet for 2 persons + SPA Winner

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Remember that on 14-Sep-09, I have a post with title “Rasa Sayang Buffet for 2 persons + SPA“. Yes, with all the efford I have put in, I have won the Best of the Best and my prizes are Rasa Sayang Buffet x 2 (worth RM120+ per pax) + 3Hrs SPA and Massage @ Gurney SPA (claimable up to RM190) + 2 x GSC movie voucher. Thank you logo for the prizes.


Just looking at the voucher itself also feel happy liao.

The above voucher are logo internal voucher for contest purpose. I shall go for the buffet and SPA with my own money then only use this voucher to claim from logo.

Yes, I’m going to the Rasa Sayang Weekend Seafood Buffet with Seong Seong tomorrow night. Just can’t wait anymore for Friday night. How about 3Hrs SPA and Massage @ Gurney SPA? donno, not sure got time to go or not. The due date to claim it will be before 31-Dec-09. May be request to extend the date with boss see can or not.

Remember to come everyday to check if I have updated the pictures of the buffet in Rasa Sayang lorrr.

Ping Pong Tournament Semi Final

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Long time did not update my blog d. Last update was on 23-Nov-09 which is 8 days ago. hemmm, seems not too long ma hor ? hahahaha…

Working in logo is real fun although we are always loaded with never ending job and responsibilities. We had quite a number of Team Building event every year and one of them will be Exabytes Sports Tournament. Sports that we are playing this year is Ping Pong (Table Tennis).

Yeah, I’m in Team B. Members of Team B are:-

Myself –
Seong Seong –
Chris –
Gaveen –
Vickson –
Annie –

Visit to look at the result of this tournament in details.

Yes, our team has win our ticket to Semi Final today and check out below are some picture of the game today and myself in action.

Overview of the game field. It is at SunTech Penang 10th Floor.


This is Jessica who play the game with me and she is the winner. She play so good.


This is our judge – Chris (The Jacket Man).


Follow by pictures of myself wearing last year Penang Bridge Marathon T-shirt for volunteer.




The Ping Pong Ball hit on my 2nd finger of my right hand, is quite painful.


Are the 2 guys behind me my 拉拉队?


Enjoy the game very much.

Team B lost in this game also mean no chance to go for Final.

let’s wait for next year’s logo Sports Tournament to see is there any new game to play.

Penang Bridge International Marathon

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Penang Bridge International Marathon or in short PBIM was successfully held on 22-Nov-09 (Sunday). It was a successful event from my point of view. My dear Seong Seong is the one that developed the online registration system for them and this system helps the event a lot especially during the collection week (16-Nov-09 to 21-Nov-09).

See below for how the collection counter for PBIM 2009:



Look at the picture below, do you see the head of an alien on this laptop? Yes, you are right, this is the so called “Alienware” sponsired by Dell for this event. Will need to give it back to them after the event. Heard that it worth around RM10k per unit. It weight around 4kg per unit. Damn heavy.


PBIM had developed a portal purposely for this event at This portal actually display all the information and updates using Joomla! It is hosted with our company – Exabytes. They are hosted on Semi Dedicated server all these while and we have then migrated them into dedicated server due to a sudden increase in website traffic 1 week prior to the event.

We (Exabytes) were given a sales booth at PBIM Expo as we are one of their partner in running this event. This is a 20ft x 20ft booth. Is a very big booth for us as all our previous exhibition booth were normally 3m x 3m booth or 6 ft table booth. All our previous exhibition experience were indoor exhibition and this is our first time experience having booth at outdoor booth.


Inside picture above is Marccus.

Due to the booth is just outside QueensBay Mall and it is just besides the sea, the wind is so strong that even the elephant backdrop keeps falling. We ended up have to remove the backdrop and keep it. In otehr words, we have only 1 streamer (standing banner) which we tie it on one of the chair to avoid it falling.


We were given this booth at the very last minutes and I have only few days to prepare for what to promote in this booth and for our designer to get ready with the brochure design + printing. Everything was in a hurry.

My sincere thanks to my designer and all my team member (sales team and nonsales team) who have helped out in this sales booth daily from 11am to 9pm from 17-Nov-09 to 20-Nov-09 and 11am from 21-Nov-09 to 11am 22-Nov-09 (on-stop). You are all very awesome.

I have been on duty as usual in office during office hour and continue to assist in sales booth for whole week. On event Saturday, I have wake up at 8am as I need to fetch Seong Seong to the collection counter in the morning as we have only 1 car for now which we need to share. After that, I have went to USM hostel to fetch my cousin and her stuff to store in my house as USM is on semester break now. After that continue with some of my work before leave my hosue to PBIM booth around 3pm.

From there, I’m then on duty till 11am on Sunday and reach home, take bath and sleep only on 1pm. If you calculate them carefully, I have not sleep for around 29 hours. Amazing. I have break my own record for not sleeping in more than 24 hours.

Guess what? another amazing thing happen in my life. I slept from 1pm (22-Nov-09) till 7am (23-Nov-09) – total of 18 hours. Break 2 record in within 1 days time. Keng ler !!!

Below is picture of myself and myself explaining to visitor to our booth.



Have met sister of my colleague (KK Kwan) as picture below. Penang is real small huh. Hope she don’t mind I put her picture up here:


Met a lot of new young friend in this event. Most of them are secondary school student which is work as volunteer in PBIM. Added few of them in my Facebook.

We were there at the starting point to help cheer up and also there at the finishing line to support the runners.





There is a kid which is so cute, he is holding the crocs’s ballon and I try to play “fighting” with him and he really so sporting to play with me. He si really cute.



PBIM organiser also setup a special backdrop for all teh participant and any visitors to take pictures.


Finally found 1 picture of myself and Seong Seong together for this event.


That’s all for now. Will keep update you all when I have more pictures to share.

Thanks again for spending your time reading such a long blog post. hahaha. :)

Attending GBI in Singapore

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yoh yoh yoh !! I’m now in Singapore.

Doing what? attending 5 days intensive seminars.

How intensive? The seminars is from 16-Sep-09 (Wednesday) to 20-Sep-09 (Sunday) from 9.00am to 10.00pm daily.

What seminar is that? Referring to the subject of this post, it is called GBI or in full is Guerrilla Business Intensive. It is organized by Success Resource and the trainer is T Harv Eker and his team.


How much is the course fee? Not too sure. It is sponsored by my company   exabytes-raya-logo. All the transportation + accomodation + course fee are sponsored by exabytes-raya-logo. Heard from other participant that some of them paying RM2k+, some paying RM3k+. The earlier you register for this seminars, the lower your price will be. There are total of 600+ participant in this seminars and is held at Sinagpore Expo.

Just little bit for now as I have limited internet access in Singapore. More details will be publish in my blog after the event and when I have time.

So, please support exabytes-raya-logo when you need a hosting services. exabytes-raya-logo is having discount on hosting services in conjunction with exabytes-raya-logo

Another reason you shall continue to support exabytes-raya-logo is so that my company will have enough fund to continuously send me for more training classes to learn more to improve myself.  :-p

I’m using a lot of Exabytes logo of Hari Raya 2009 exabytes-raya-logo for total of 7 times so that you will remember them well and forever.

Free Raya e-Greeting Cards

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Happy Morning to all.

As per promise in my previous post Rasa Sayang Buffet for 2 persons + SPA, here am I going to relveal my announcement.

Yes, it is be related to exabytes again. After some serious topic on hosting yesterday, let’s go a bit relax today. But, it is also related to Malaysia.

Living in Malaysia which is a multi-racial country, we always have friends from different races. Raya is coming soon, have you send any raya greeting cards to your friends and family?

If you have done so, Good Job !! If you have not done so, no worry, be happy.

Exabytes is opening their Raya e-greeting cards for FREE for you, FREE for all of you to send greeting to your friends and family. Where to find it? Click here. To ease your clicking experience, I have make a big big banner for you to click on to link to Exabytes e-greeting cards.

Raya Greeting Main

Hurray, let’s spread the joys of Raya with Exabytes e-card !!

There are few design for the time being.

Design # 1: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Raya Greeting - card1

Design # 2: Wishing you the deepest joys of Raya

Raya Greeting - card2

Design # 3: Have A Joyous and Sparkling Raya

Raya Greeting - card3

Design # 4: Joyous and Prosperous Raya

Raya Greeting - card4

All the raya greeting cards above are designed by our inhouse web and graphic designer (Vickson and Alysa). Cool right?

Reading up to this point of time, have you taken your action to visit Exabytes Free Raya e-Greeting to send an e-card to your friends?

Come back to visit our site as we might include more cards/design real soon.

 With the internet facilities today, almost everything is possible. That’s why our government come out with the slogan – Senang dengan ICT.

Rasa Sayang Buffet for 2 persons + SPA

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Hey, any of you been to Rasa Sayang Buffet before? any of you been for SPA before?

You are so lucky, I never been to SPA before till date. Just always heard that it will keep you feeling relax and feeling good.

spa 1

spa 2

Wow, looking at the picture itself is already feeling so relaxing.

Also heard from my colleagues that Rasa Sayang Buffet with lobster and all the seafood is so delicious.

rasa sayang

The above pictures are taken from “Malaysia Food Blog, Malaysia Travel Blog “.

Marketing is an important key point for a business to success, many company are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in promoting their company name, promoting company brand, etc.


Exabytes is the No 1 hosting provider in Malaysia (top 500 WorldWide). Exabytes  is adding in a little bit more than what we normally do. Instead of offering the incentives for Exabytes clients or public to help promoting our brand and services, we are now running an internal contest (YES, only for Exabtes staff) in our marketing this round.

Some of the rules in this game as below:

Here’s the Rules (very simple):

1. Anyone in Exabytes also can participate.
2. Make at least 1 post / tweet / blog per day between 14-Sep-2009 to 30-Sep-2009.
3. Register your interest in participating by putting down your name here.
4. Paste the list of URLs or posting / tweets / blogs before 2-Oct-2009 to qualify.

Here’s the Prizes (very simple):
GSC Movie Vouchers x 2 Each
As long as you make at least 1 post / tweet / blog per day between 14-Sep-2009 to 30-Sep-2009 regarding our Raya Promotion, you are entitled for 2 GSC Movie Vouchers.

3 Hours SPA + Massage @ Gurney Hotel SPA (worth RM190) x 3 Winners
We will pick 3 most out standing participants and each of them are entitled for a 3 Hours Oriental or Balinese Massage + SPA @ Gurney Hotel

We will select base on following:
a) The Most Creative
b) The Most Traffics
c) The Most Posts

Rasa Sayang Buffet x 2 + 3Hrs SPA and Massage @ Gurney SPA x 1 winner
One winner will be selected as the best of the best and he / she will be entitled for:
a) Rasa Sayang Buffet for 2 persons (worth RM240) and
b) 3 Hours SPA + Massage @ Gurney Hotel SPA (worth RM190)

Yes, I just mentioned Raya Promotion above. Merdeka has just over and is time for Raya Promotion. Exabytes Raya promotion will start on 15-Sep-09 (Tuesday). Exabytes will be offering something real special this round. All new signup during our Raya Promotion will enjoy RECURRING DISCOUNT.


What is recurring discount? Recurring or repeating discount means as long as you signup during the promotion period, you are entitle to renew your hosting with Exabytes with the same discount forever as long as you keep your web hosting or email hosting account with Exabytes. You enjoy the saving on yearly basis instead of saving only during the signup. Check out Exabytes website on Tuesday (15-Sep-09) to get to know more about the latest promotion.

Anything you or me can do now instead of sitting down and just wait?

Yes, of course. Help me click on the banner or any link to exabytes website. Also help me spread this news to all your friend who are interested to build their website/blog to grab this opportunities to signup fast.

You may be interested to check out which package will suit your requirement most for your website before subscribing by clicking below image or contact us at if you have any enquiry.

hosting comparison

Come back again tomorrow (15-Sep-09) and I have more to announce.

Promise !!! See you tomorrow.

Exabytes Movie Day – Transformers – Revenge of The Fallen

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Is Sunday again, but today wake up early also like yesterday as there is another company event.

Exabytes Movie Day: Transformers – Revenge of The Fallen.


Seong Seong and I went for breakfast at Jones Road. We ordered our favorite Roti Bakar + Kari Ayam + Teh Tarik.



We proceed to Gurney Plaza and reach there around 9.15am. Only less than 5 cars in Gurney Plaza car park. Haha. First time see so few car in their ar park.

All the shop is yet to open and Seong Seong help me took quite some picture with poster of Transformer.



Our private group photo session.


Ticket Redemption picture.


Inside Cinema.


It was a nice movie. This movie is tense with some funny scene. I enjoy the movie very much. Group photo after the movie inside the cinema.


After the movie, we went for lunch together at Nando Chicken in Gurney Plaza.



Looking forward for our next Movie Day.

eLawyer – Exabytes Penang Bloggers & Law Forum 2009 (II)

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Wake up slightly earlier yesterday, more thing to get ready as need to wear formal + some make-up. hahah.

Why make up? got company event. As per mention in eLawyer – Exabytes Penang Bloggers & Law Forum 2009. My company (Exabytes) is the exclusive sponsor for this event. My boss is not around in Penang, I’m representating him to give the speech. The organiser requested to wear formal. So, got to be proper. Hahah.



The event started a little late due to heavy traffic flow in USM as it was USM‘s undergraduate’s registration day.

Picture for the auditorium hall used for this event with all audiences.


Event of the day are as below:

- MCee (Miss Yieng San, Lawyer) introducing the purpose of this event.


- Organiser (Mr Eddie) giving welcome speech.


- speech from Exabytes Representative (myself).


- speech by Penang Bar


- presentation of token of appreciation to speakers, moderator, sponsor, Penang Bar and USM.


- Group photo for speakers and VIP.


- Introduction by event moderator (Mr Khairul).


- Topic # 1: Bloggers & Copy Rights by Mr Foong Cheng Leong (Lawyer)


- Topic # 2: Blogger & Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Act 1998 (MCMC Act) and rules and guidelines of MCMC

Unfortunately, the speaker has some urgent meeting and not able to join us in this event.

- Topic # 3: Bloggers and Defamation Law by Mr Stephen Tan Ban Cheng (Lawyer and Journalist)


- Q and A session

- Presentation of gift from USM to Speakers and Moderator.

- Group photo session with all participant


- End of program.

Learn few things in this blogger and law forum.
never made statement which is straight to the point.
- twist your sentense or make it into question style.
- let your reader to interpret or imagine on their own so that you do not invite trouble to yourself
- when you receive any request to remove something from your blog, proceed to remove it to avoid court case
- any simple court case will cost you minimum 30k to 50k minimum of “RM” (Real Money).
- 1 + 1 will nto definately equal to 2 in law.

Eddie has given us a joke before the end of the forum:-

“A” is having a court case and is searching for a lawyer to assist him in his case. He went to first lawyer and ask the first lawyer 1 question.
A: 10 + 10 equal how much?
Lawyer 1: 20
A: TQ (and walk away from lawyer 1′s office)

A went to second lawyer.
A:10 + 10 equal how much?
Lawyer 2: (close the door) How much you want the answer to be?
A: deal, you will be my lawyer.

Hope you enjoy this joke as well.

eLawyer – Exabytes Penang Bloggers & Law Forum 2009

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Are you a blogger?

If you are not a blogger, do you read some one else’s blog?

Do you sometime feel like some of the blogger are talking too much or talking on some sensitive topic? Do blogger really allowed to talk anything they want? No law controlling them? Have you ever think of what is the limitation of a bogger when they are writing their blog?

Ops, sound like I have got a lot of question to ask today. In fact, all these question has been in my mind for quite a long time but I did not really go dig out the answer.

Good news for all the blogger in Penang or friends from Northern Malaysia. Exabytes is now working together with eLawyer in organizing Bloggers & Law Forum 2009  in Penang.


You will now have a chance to learn what  a blogger can write and what they should not write. I will be attending this forum on this Saturday (27-Jun-09) in USM.

I have get ready the map for your reference here.


See you people there.

Will share more after the forum. Stay tuned.