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.com Domain from RM0.99

Posted by: popoyan  /  Category: Misc

wow, hard to believe.

Exabytes normal price for .com new domain registration is RM55 per year.

But hor, tomorrow got special promotion, definately loosing money for the company one. Just some giveaway to the public and to get attention from everyone.

.com domain price will be as low as RM0.99 for 1st year. No kidding. But only applicable for first 10 registration.

The price will increase by RM1.00 on top of the current price for every subsequent 10 .com domain purchased until reaching the maximum price of RM38 for April 2010.


RM0.99: 1st – 10th registration
RM1.99: 11st – 20th registration
RM2.99: 21st – 30th registration
RM3.99: 31st – 40th registration

and so on up to RM38 for first year for month of April 2010

Make sure you are ready to register at the soonest possible to get the lowest price in our promotion.

ARE YOU READY to grab 1 for yourself?