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Money Tree

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A money tree plant is a special type of bonsai tree. The design originated in Taiwan in the 1980s, and was quickly picked up by many other Asian nations. Areas with large Asian populations frequently have money tree plants for sale, because money tree plants are believed to bring good luck and fortune. The money tree plant is particularly associated with China, and is often given out at Chinese New Year complete with red banners and other lucky decorations.


What come up into your mind when people discuss about money tree?




 Let me show you how a real money tree looks like. See picture below:





Nice plant ya.


I saw one picture in TheStar which a type of money tree as well.





I think I shall prepare a money tree like above next year for Chinese New Yer celebration to bring the environment more. Haha.


Last but not leat, today is already 14th day of Lunar New Year. It will be Chap Goh Meh tomorow – last day of Chinese New Year or some people call it Chinese Valentines Day.

Pai Ti Kong

Posted by: popoyan  /  Category: Festival

Just back from hometown on Sunday evening and resume Duty on Monday morning after CNY holiday.


Went back to Taiping again after work on Monday for the purpose of “Pai Ti Kong” or my colleague call it as Ti Kong Birthday (Birthday of Jade Emperor). Pai Ti Kong is one of the most important day for Hokkian which fall on 9th day of Lunar New Year. Everyone will get everything ready on 8th day of Lunar New Year night and start the prayer sharp at 12am.




Besides many variety of fruits and food, all our family member also work together to open up the “Ti Kong Kim” which we have prepare earlier for worshipping purpose. Take a look at the Ti Kong Kim before and after the prayer.









Time for eating party right after the prayer. Food that we have are as listed below:

1) sio bak from mom
2) white chicken from mom
3) red egg from mom
4) noodle soup from mom
5) lor pork hand from Aunti
6) ang ku from Aunti
7) bi ko from Aunti
8) miku from Aunti
9) fried chi cho bought from outside
10) etc


Everyone eat till very full, and everyone got to ta pao home as well as the food prepared were a lot.


My husband and I travel back to Penang after everything completed and we reach Penang around 3+am. Both of us were real tired and fell asleep within seconds once touches the bed.