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Happy Birthday to popoyan

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11-May-09 6.45am, wake up and does no see Seong Seong besides me. Thinking that he might be wake up earlier and doing some of his work at living room. When I walk out of bedroom, I smell a freshly baked cake and I saw Seong Seong standing infront of me holding a freshly baked chocolate birthday cake for me. Feel so happy and suprise. I guess he must have wake up 1 hour ago just to get all these ready for me. Thank you very much Seong Seong.

Let’s see how the chocolate cakes looks like.



So, looks nice right. Home made cake – looks like those birthday cakes from professional cake house right? He manage to achieve one of his goal for this year which is learn to bake a cake.

Then we go to office as usual.

I was busy with daily office work and busy with some webinar which is launching today. I had fried teow chew noodle for lunch together with Seong Seong and some colleague.

When I was on the 3rd webinar today, my team start to sing Birthday song and is dedicated to me. Although I’m still on webinar, but feel not good if I ignore them by just continue with the webinar (lucky I’m not the webinar presenter, just one of the attendee). Therefore, I have walk down to see what they trying to do. To my suprise, they did nothing when I walk down. All of them just continue their work like nothing happen.

They bully me. Never mind la they sing such a loud birthday song for me. I continue to listen to the webinar and a while later, they sing birthday song again. And they sign twice this time. Not sure whether I shall go down again this time. So, just walk to the end of the mazernine floor and look down and seems like many other collegue are all gather together at our department and waiting for me. Hemm, this time is real one d kua. haha.

Haha, this time is real one. When i walk down the staircase, Avian suddenly stand up hiding beside the partition and hold up a birthday cake for me. Wow, white color cream with a lot of chocolate and some strawberry on top if it. Thank you everyone for the cake. I like it so much.


We have taken some group photo in the office together with the cake.


Guess what, one of the biggest challenge I had today is to cut the cake into 40+ pieces to be given out to everyone in the office. I’m sorry if some of the cakes slices were not properly cut and some are in larger size and some are really small pieces. Paiseh Paiseh.

After work, I went for dinner with Seong. Not sure where to go actually. Suddenly think of OXO. We saw their advertisement somewhere sometime ago and then we decided to give it a try. Some picture to share with everyone here.


OXO location map


OXO menu book.


Rose Tea


Orange Juice


Pan Cakes


Double Marinade Chicken Piccata


Mini CHicken Burger

The overal envronment of the restaurant is good. Unfortunately, I got 3 moisquito bite during my dinner and there is 1 fly which keep flying around our food which is very annoying.

After that we go for some windows shopping in QB. Bought a book for CK (learning on colors). Bought a cup of Dark Berry Mocha from StarBuck as recommended by the waitress as new product. It taste a bit weird where coffee combined with berry, but still acceptable. haha.

Reach home around 10pm. Taken a bath. Wow, feel so comfortable after the bath. Continue birthday program by watching DVD at home. Movie title: All well ends well (家有喜事 2009). This is a funny movie. I like it so much. I enjoy it so much. As always, I like comedy. Comedy makes me feel happier and forget all the unhappy thing.

This suppose is CNY movie and only watch it now. A bit out dated hor.

What’s next? You are right, I start to write this blog post only after watching the movie. Is kind of late, so just very brief descrition.

Overall, I’m so happy with all the thing happen today. Yeah, 1 year older now but doesn’t matter, as long as I have a young mind set, I’m always young.

Thank you again to everybody for all the arrangement for today. I love you all so much. My life will not be so perfect without all of you.

Carnation Project 2009

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On 11-May-08 (Yes, is year 2008, your eye is still OK and I’m still awake although is 11+pm now) I celebrated my first Mother’s Day + first Birthday which fall on the same day as Mother’s Day and I celebrated it both in Taiping and also in Sitiawan. This is one of the most special day in my life.

This year, Mother’s Day fall on 10-May-09 which is a day prior to my birthdate as mentioned in “Home Made Mother’s Day Cake“.

This is my second Mother’s Day + Birthday celebration. I celebrated it in Sitiawan with my daughter – Chyi (my first kid) and my son – Kang (my second kid). I got a very nice and tasty chocolate cake from Seong Seong + a Mother’s Day cake (for all mom – Seong Seong’s mom + his sister).


It was a simple Mother’s Day celebration where we sign Happy Birthday Song for me and we all sing “世上只有妈妈好” for all the mom. Follow up blowing the candle follow up eating the cakes.

We have got some photo session during the celebration and see below for some funny picture to share the happiness with all of you.


3 mom blowing candles



Picture of popoyan + Seong Seong + pricess Chyi and prince Kang



mimi and Kang with carnation on our ear



Romeo looking for Juliet



My first carnation.

My Mother’s Day wish: Secret. Cannot tell.

I think all the mom have almost the same wishes. Hahaa.


Happy Belated Birthday to Ivy

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Happy Belated Birthday to Ivy – Haagen Dazs lover

May all your wish come true and …

Hope you like this birthday cake specially designed for you.