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My Charming 5050 – II

Posted by: popoyan  /  Category: Misc

Yesterday send my 5050 for heart surgery and everything is working liao.

Today send my 5050 for full body checkup. Doctor given some basic treatment to my 5050 and everything is 100% healthy now except that his “large intestine” got additional hole which need to be cure.

Emmm. Need to arrange for another date/time to send my 5050 for another surgery to replace with a new large intestine or else the performance will degrade.

My Charming 5050 – I

Posted by: popoyan  /  Category: Misc

Oh my dear 5050,  long time no see. Sorry for leaving you alone there for such a long time untill you are not working again.

Now that I need you again on this coming Wednesday only I remember to go pay you a visit. Then only I realise that you have fainted for couple of days or might be longer. I have tried few way to wake you up but fail in every way I have tried.

No choice, I got to request my Seong Seong help me diagnose what happen to you. Seong Seong confirm that you have got a heart disease and we need to remove your heart from you temporary and have it send to ICU for recovery.

We send your heart during lunch time and collect it after work. Seong Seong then help me to fix your heart back to you and you are now awake. I feel so sorry for leaving you for so long, your body was covered up with few inch of dust. In return, I have bring you for a quick spa to let you feel fresh and feel relax again.

My dear 5050, you are now fresh and white. You looks soooooooo handsome now. I love you so much. I promise, I will never leave you alone again for more than 2 weeks.