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Malaysia Budget 2010

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I was in Singapore attending Nuffnang Blog Awards when Malaysian government is announcing Budget 2010 (23-Oct-09). So many things happen after I have back from Singapore.

  • Granma 80th Birthday
  • Cousin engagement
  • Car accident in Highway
  • Company Team Building
  • Kang fall sick

And finally I have some time to roughlyread through about Malaysia Budget 2010. Budget 2010 with the theme “1 Malaysia, Together We Proser” focus on 3 strategies (DEF).

  1. Driving the nation towards a high-income economy
  2. Ensuring holistic and sustainable development
  3. Focusing on well-being of the Rakyat


It will be too long if I’m going to list out all the thing about budget and no point I’m doing it as there are many news website which giving you better and more precise data about Budget 2010. Just share little bit ffrom my point of view.

1) Effective year 2010 to 2012, individual tax payers is given tax relief for broadband up to RM500. RM500 a year means RM41.66/month. Why don’t they allow relief up to RM850 as most of the broadband price are around RM70+ a month.

2) Personal income tax relief increased from RM8,000 to RM9,000. Sounds good. But will this make any different in total tax we need to pay at the end of the calculation?

3) Deduction for EPF & Life Insurance increased from RM6,000 to RM7,000.

May be add up for the above 3 will help reduce tax I need to pay for year 2010.

4) Expenses incurredin patend and trademark registration for SME company can be deducted from Tax. Hopefully our local SME can fully utilise this to grow their business or run more creativity campaign to brush up the brain for Malaysian.

5) Special tax exemption apply to building which is awarded with GBI (Green Building Indexed) certificate. I’m not interested on how much a company can save, but I like this idea where it shows that our government do care about the environment. Or are they doing this to encourage more building to be certified as GBI so that Malaysia will have higher rank globally in fighting global warming? Who know?

All the above looks likes benefits to the Rakyat instead of Government. Total income from Government will reduce significantly with implementation of the above Budget. So, now is time to talk about how much we need to pay back to Government in order for government to have enough fund to continue ruling our country.

6) It is proposed that tax at a fixed rate of 5% will apply if you are selling off any property with gains. The terms and condition is long and I do not really understand what they mean. LOL. Imagine how much you need to pay to government if your dad bought a landed property in Penang island 20 years ago at around RM20k to RM30k and this landed property worth at least RM300k+.

7) For each of the credit card that you have on hand, you will need to pay government a RM50 yearly service tax for principal card and RM25 yearly service tax for supplementary card. I got to check back how many credit card I have in total which is not in use and la la lam cancel them with the issuing bank.

8) We are allowed to chose whether we prefer to contribute 8% or 11% to EPF since Jan 09. With immediate effect ( no need to wait till year 2010) where those who chosen to reduce to 8% can now increase back to 11%. However, effective from Jan 2011, the employee EPF contribution will be reverted to 11%.

9) Those that fail to submit or complete the tax submission before 3-Mar for each year can be fine ranging from RM200 to RM2,000 or imprisonment. This one I support. I normally get my tax submitted only at the very last week from teh given due date btu I never late. Haha.

Take note that all the above does not apply on total tax you need to pay for year 2009 which you will to submit before April 2010. LOL.

Accident in Highway (Bukit Merah)

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Something happen unexpectedly yesterday when me and my Seong Seong on our way back to Penang. If you wanna know what happen, continue reading this blog.

Seong Seong and I was on our way heading back to Penang from Taiping. We just attended my granma’s birthday celebration on Saturday night (24-Oct-09) and my cousin’s engagement on Sunday morning (25-Oct-09). We left Taiping earlier today compare to our normal day.

On our way back, we drive at just normal speed as it is raining heavily and Seong Seong also put on double signal so that other vehicle will aware of us driving in this heavy rain condition.

All of the sudden, our car lost control, our car spin 1 or 2 round and “fly” to the road side and fall into the small drain. This happen at kilometer 185.1 heading north. Anyone that wanna buy number can consider the below:

  1. 8286 (car plat number)
  2. 1851 (exact location of accident)
  3. 1630 (time of accident)
  4. 1024 or 2410 (date of accident)




I was shock, scare and crying in the car as all these happen n a sudden. Seong Seong trying to calm me down and keep askign me whether am I fine or is there anyinjury on myself. Thank God, both of us are safe, no major injury and no pain at all at that point of time.

There is a motor driver driving behind us drop by and trying to help us. His name is Albert if I got him right. I really thank Albert for his kindness to offer help to us even though is reaining real heavy at that moment. Seong Seong ask him whether he saw what actually happen to our car, he said that we are driving normally and the car just start turning suddenly and no one know what happen.

When both me and Seong Seong is safe and out of the car, we immediately saw the car tow service is here to offer help. Wah lau, you jus can’t imagine how efficient they are. The car tow officer help us to contact police traffic and whatever required contact. Myself and Seong Seong just stand aside waiting for help.

My hand keep shivering untill I’m not even able to make a phone call. Seong Seong help to give a call to my brother and come for help. Distance from my house to the incident site is around 15 to 20 minutes. The car tow officer told us, this area is actually “hot spot” for car accident. They have accident at these area on daily basis due to the road condition is not good. he also told us that our case is consider very small or mild. We are lucky enough.

See video below on how they pull up our car.

When the officer from Plus reach the incident place, fist thing they do is to look around whether is anything belongs to Plus is damaged. The officer told us that we have hit on 1 of the road sign (wooden stick painted with black and white with a round white light reflecter) and we got to pay the RM70. We ask him if we pay RM70, are we going to get any official receipt from Plus, he say they do not issue receipt.

We asked him, if we don pay now, what will happen?. He said they will issue a polis report and claim through polis report. I ask im to go issue a polis report then only we pay. Siao one, people accident liao some more ask people to pay them for this small matter. If I pay them on teh spot, I’m sure all the RM70 will go into their pocket. Everyone, beware of this.


After some arrangement, they start to tow up our car. Our car was not much damaged initially. The damages become serious after they try to tow up our car from the drain. Me and Seong Seong follow my brother’s car and we drive behind of the car tow to Balai Polis Bagan Serai to make a polis report. It took us 1 hour to complete the polis report and we got a saman of RM200 even though this is really an accident and is not caused by our carelessness.

No one checked what is the reason why our car skidded and no one care to find out why. But we ourself suspect is due to punture on the tyre behind on the right (driver) side. Does this mean that they will investigate only when someone died in any accident cases?

Our car was then tow back to Taiping workshop for repair.

After all the police report is done and completed, my brother fetch us back Taiping. On our way back only I called to my dad and Seong Seong call back to his parent to tell them what happened. We do not call them earlier as we do not want them to worryso much about us since both of us are safe at the very first place. All our parent were sock when we told them we are safe after all the police report. Can you image how they ill feel if we told hem at the very early of this accident where many thing are still unsure.

After back to Taiping home, we took a bath and ate dinner at my aunti house. After the dinner, Seong Seong fetch me to Hospital Columbia Asia for body checkup. This is a new private hospital in Taiping which is 5 minutes driving distance from my home and is nearby Tesco Taiping.

The hospital looks very nice and we register at the 24 hours emergency counter. The doctor immediately attend to us and help check all my hand, leg, head, etc. I told doctor that I had some mussle pain on my neck. After some checking, doctor verify that is just soft tissue injury (mussle pain) and all other part of the body is OK. Seong Seong went through the same checkup as well.

Thank God, really thank god that we are safe. Docto given me a “Cervcal Collar Foam” to put on my neck to reduce sudden movement of my head to avoid further injury on my neck and to help recover faster for my case.



Below is how I snapped my own picture user Seong Seong’s Canon EOS 350D. kiat bor?


As I mention earlier, the damages on our car become more serious after the tow. Below are pictures taken when we visited the workshop on today afternoon when we go submit all the document required for insurans claim to the workshop.





The car is now in workshop, it require around 1 month ime for repair. We asked the people in the workshop about roughly how much will it cost for this knd of repair. He told us might require around 8k to 9k. Never mind la, pay by insurans.

My heart is feeling so pain seing the car which has been bringing me and Seong Seong to so many places before got such  serious injuries. This car has been with us for 4 to 5 years if not mistaken. Thank you PGU 8286, you save our life.

Like Ainee said, me and Seong Seong appreciate each other even more after this accident. Thank you for the support from Chan, Annie and Roger, your call and offer for help makes me stay calm and strong. I love everyone even more after this incident.

October – Self Promotion Month

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Do you know that October is self promotion month?

Yeah, you know it right now. Is not too late yet to know it now.

How many of you are doing good in self promoting? Promoting yourself to your friends and family, promoting yourself to your superior and subordinate, etc

Let me self promote myself with teh below picture before I proceed further.


Reading some articles showing that nearly 87% of our world’s population does not promote themself. Many people do not promote themself or do not self promote as they are afraid of REJECTION.

There are many ways we can self-promote. I’ll jus list our few which come into my mind at this point of time:

  • create your own blog to introduce and promote yourself
  • join social network media to let more and more people get updated on what you are doing and get more friend to know about you
  • participate in forums to help people or share knowledge that need help in your expertise for more people to know you
  • attend business networking event to get to know more people that have more friend that might be interested to know you
  • reques your friend to promote yourself and you help to promote them at the same time
  • use your own brand, logo in public so that people can easily recognise you

Come on, share with me if you have any more idea or better way to self promote. Let’s start to promote yourself from TODAY.

Sales = follow up. Agree?

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Has been hearing from our business coach, attending seminars and some online reading that a successful sales was not made within the first touch with your prospect. Ot normally takes few touches before we are able to close a sales.

What are the touches looks like. All these sales touches can be from different channel. Will list out few of them for your references.

  • heard some word of mouth (friend recommend friend)
  • saw printed advertisement like newspaper and magazine
  • saw online advertisement like e-banner
  • visited your website
  • email communication with your staff
  • phone conversation with your staff
  • visiting your office for more enquiry about your services
  • etc

It can be few touches from the same channel or single touch but from different channel. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to get sales from the first touch.

I’m sure you will want to spend more time on follow up with your prospect rather than just sit and wait for your luck after you look at the belwo statistic.

  • 48% of sales people never follow up with their prospects
  • 25% of sales people make a second contact with their prospect and then, stop
  • 12% of sales people make three contacts with their prospect and then, stop
  • Only 10% of sales people make more than three contacts with their prospects

sales follow up 1

  • 2% of sales are made on the first contact with a prospect
  • 3% of sales are made on the second contact with a prospect
  • 5% of sales are made on the third contact with a prospect
  • 10% of sales are made on the fourth contact with a prospect
  • 80% of sales are made between the fifth and twelfth contact with a prospect

 sales follow up 2

So, you need to know what is your target either in terms of revenue or in terms of number of signup. With this number, you can start to calculate how many prospect you need to reach and how many follow you need to achieve your target.

What if my blog traffic keep growing?

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I registered the domain name myself with exabytes-raya-logo on April 2008 when Mynic newly launched their 2LD domain aroun March 2008. I bought this domain because I’m born in Malaysia and grow up in Malaysia.

My most wanted domain name is Unfortunately, the domain name has been taken by others when I get to know what is a domain name back in October 2002. The domain name will expire in March every year and I pray really hard that there is one day that the owner no longer like this domain name and release it to the public.

I just started to setup this blog on January 2009 after I joined Sales and Marketing Department of exabytes-raya-logo. Blog is something more and more people is doing right now. We can easily express what is in our mind, what is in our heart and what is our interest in our own blog.

Blog is also a place where people earn some extra income by joining affiliate  of some other famous brand (such as Exabytes Angel) by earning commission for successful sales brought to that company, earning extra income by placing banner for some advertiser, etc.

exabytes angel

My blog is now hosting on shared hosting environment (EBiz Gold Linux) where there are maximum of 300 domain hosted per server due to my blog is still new and does not really have much traffic.


Now that I’m updating my blog at least once a week, meaning that I have fresh content at least once a week and this will help a lot for my blog to have more exposure.

When my blog traffic keep growing untill a level that my blog no longer suitable to be hosted under shared hosting, I will upgrade my hosting plan to Semi-Dedicated server hosting. In Semi-Dedicated server, I will only be sharing the resources for the whole server with 9 other domains. Meaning having only 10 domain name hosted per server.


If my blog traffic grow even bigger or higher, oh yeah, that is the time that I shall take up a dedicated server where me alone using the whole server without sharing it any other people. Yes, my blog will be having her own bunglow.


Do you think that the boss of exabytes-raya-logo is getting crazy? He is offering only RM9.90 for first month for new signup of dedicated server while stock last. On top of the crazy price, the server is guaranteed to be ready in 1 day. Is this promotion sound Good or Good?

What next if 1 dedicated server not sufficient to support my blog traffic? Get 1 more dedicated server lor.

Hehe, stop dreaming, come back. Time to go meet “Mr Chow”. Good night.

Home Made Video from Exabytes

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In exabytes-raya-logo, we have 2 Web & Graphic Designer. These 2 very creative designer are Vickson and Alysa.

All the artwork available in exabytes-raya-logo were created by them. I’m sure all of you like all the artwork available in exabytes-raya-logo website.

On top of just artwork, they have also created some video for some outdoor event for exabytes-raya-logo. let me share it out here so that the creativity of them both can be spread to even more.

Video 1:

Movie created as introduction for exabytes-raya-logo first ever movie screening. Means you will see this advertisement before the movie start on top of those normal advertisement. This movie is created for “Bee Movie”.



Video 2:

This is another movie created for exabytes-raya-logo movie screening as well. This movie is created for the Movie – X-Files.


Video 3:

This video below was created not for movie screening purpose. Haha. It is created in conjunction with Merdeka Day to wish everyone Happy Merdeka. This movie is trying to show everyone that if we all work together as a strong team, we will be able to fight with any kind of enemy. You will also see how these group of bee using online facilities (MSN Live Messenger, Yahoo LiveMessenger, ICQ) to have live chatting to update each other on the latest issue.

Hope you all enjoy all the movie.

Attending GBI in Singapore

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yoh yoh yoh !! I’m now in Singapore.

Doing what? attending 5 days intensive seminars.

How intensive? The seminars is from 16-Sep-09 (Wednesday) to 20-Sep-09 (Sunday) from 9.00am to 10.00pm daily.

What seminar is that? Referring to the subject of this post, it is called GBI or in full is Guerrilla Business Intensive. It is organized by Success Resource and the trainer is T Harv Eker and his team.


How much is the course fee? Not too sure. It is sponsored by my company   exabytes-raya-logo. All the transportation + accomodation + course fee are sponsored by exabytes-raya-logo. Heard from other participant that some of them paying RM2k+, some paying RM3k+. The earlier you register for this seminars, the lower your price will be. There are total of 600+ participant in this seminars and is held at Sinagpore Expo.

Just little bit for now as I have limited internet access in Singapore. More details will be publish in my blog after the event and when I have time.

So, please support exabytes-raya-logo when you need a hosting services. exabytes-raya-logo is having discount on hosting services in conjunction with exabytes-raya-logo

Another reason you shall continue to support exabytes-raya-logo is so that my company will have enough fund to continuously send me for more training classes to learn more to improve myself.  :-p

I’m using a lot of Exabytes logo of Hari Raya 2009 exabytes-raya-logo for total of 7 times so that you will remember them well and forever.

Free Raya e-Greeting Cards

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Happy Morning to all.

As per promise in my previous post Rasa Sayang Buffet for 2 persons + SPA, here am I going to relveal my announcement.

Yes, it is be related to exabytes again. After some serious topic on hosting yesterday, let’s go a bit relax today. But, it is also related to Malaysia.

Living in Malaysia which is a multi-racial country, we always have friends from different races. Raya is coming soon, have you send any raya greeting cards to your friends and family?

If you have done so, Good Job !! If you have not done so, no worry, be happy.

Exabytes is opening their Raya e-greeting cards for FREE for you, FREE for all of you to send greeting to your friends and family. Where to find it? Click here. To ease your clicking experience, I have make a big big banner for you to click on to link to Exabytes e-greeting cards.

Raya Greeting Main

Hurray, let’s spread the joys of Raya with Exabytes e-card !!

There are few design for the time being.

Design # 1: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Raya Greeting - card1

Design # 2: Wishing you the deepest joys of Raya

Raya Greeting - card2

Design # 3: Have A Joyous and Sparkling Raya

Raya Greeting - card3

Design # 4: Joyous and Prosperous Raya

Raya Greeting - card4

All the raya greeting cards above are designed by our inhouse web and graphic designer (Vickson and Alysa). Cool right?

Reading up to this point of time, have you taken your action to visit Exabytes Free Raya e-Greeting to send an e-card to your friends?

Come back to visit our site as we might include more cards/design real soon.

 With the internet facilities today, almost everything is possible. That’s why our government come out with the slogan – Senang dengan ICT.

Rasa Sayang Buffet for 2 persons + SPA

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Hey, any of you been to Rasa Sayang Buffet before? any of you been for SPA before?

You are so lucky, I never been to SPA before till date. Just always heard that it will keep you feeling relax and feeling good.

spa 1

spa 2

Wow, looking at the picture itself is already feeling so relaxing.

Also heard from my colleagues that Rasa Sayang Buffet with lobster and all the seafood is so delicious.

rasa sayang

The above pictures are taken from “Malaysia Food Blog, Malaysia Travel Blog “.

Marketing is an important key point for a business to success, many company are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in promoting their company name, promoting company brand, etc.


Exabytes is the No 1 hosting provider in Malaysia (top 500 WorldWide). Exabytes  is adding in a little bit more than what we normally do. Instead of offering the incentives for Exabytes clients or public to help promoting our brand and services, we are now running an internal contest (YES, only for Exabtes staff) in our marketing this round.

Some of the rules in this game as below:

Here’s the Rules (very simple):

1. Anyone in Exabytes also can participate.
2. Make at least 1 post / tweet / blog per day between 14-Sep-2009 to 30-Sep-2009.
3. Register your interest in participating by putting down your name here.
4. Paste the list of URLs or posting / tweets / blogs before 2-Oct-2009 to qualify.

Here’s the Prizes (very simple):
GSC Movie Vouchers x 2 Each
As long as you make at least 1 post / tweet / blog per day between 14-Sep-2009 to 30-Sep-2009 regarding our Raya Promotion, you are entitled for 2 GSC Movie Vouchers.

3 Hours SPA + Massage @ Gurney Hotel SPA (worth RM190) x 3 Winners
We will pick 3 most out standing participants and each of them are entitled for a 3 Hours Oriental or Balinese Massage + SPA @ Gurney Hotel

We will select base on following:
a) The Most Creative
b) The Most Traffics
c) The Most Posts

Rasa Sayang Buffet x 2 + 3Hrs SPA and Massage @ Gurney SPA x 1 winner
One winner will be selected as the best of the best and he / she will be entitled for:
a) Rasa Sayang Buffet for 2 persons (worth RM240) and
b) 3 Hours SPA + Massage @ Gurney Hotel SPA (worth RM190)

Yes, I just mentioned Raya Promotion above. Merdeka has just over and is time for Raya Promotion. Exabytes Raya promotion will start on 15-Sep-09 (Tuesday). Exabytes will be offering something real special this round. All new signup during our Raya Promotion will enjoy RECURRING DISCOUNT.


What is recurring discount? Recurring or repeating discount means as long as you signup during the promotion period, you are entitle to renew your hosting with Exabytes with the same discount forever as long as you keep your web hosting or email hosting account with Exabytes. You enjoy the saving on yearly basis instead of saving only during the signup. Check out Exabytes website on Tuesday (15-Sep-09) to get to know more about the latest promotion.

Anything you or me can do now instead of sitting down and just wait?

Yes, of course. Help me click on the banner or any link to exabytes website. Also help me spread this news to all your friend who are interested to build their website/blog to grab this opportunities to signup fast.

You may be interested to check out which package will suit your requirement most for your website before subscribing by clicking below image or contact us at if you have any enquiry.

hosting comparison

Come back again tomorrow (15-Sep-09) and I have more to announce.

Promise !!! See you tomorrow.

Happy 09-09-09 & 09:09:09 to Everyone

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Hello All,

Happy 09-September-09 (09-09-09) to everyone.

Happy 09:09:09pm to everyone too. I missed the 09:09:09am as I do not have internet access at home. (Blaming! Below the line! I can actually schedule it using WordPress. :-P).

What have you done for such a meaningful day?

I’m on leave today and I’m back to Taiping to attend my youngest brother’s engagement. Congratulation to Chin Aik and Hooi See. Wish both of you will be live happily ever after like Cinderela and the prince.

I have colleague and ex-colleagues which is also having their engagement today. Congratulation to Lisa, CS Lee and also KJ Ooi for your Big Day. I’m so sorry that I’m not able to make it to attend your engagement ceremony this time. May be next time. Hahaha. Joking la.