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My 500GB Passport

Posted by: popoyan  /  Category: Misc

Wow, PC Fair (09/10/11 April 2010) in PISA Penang has just over.

I did not visit this PC Fair but tumpang Yeong Yeong to help buy a 500GB WD My Passport Essential.

So happy for getting it. I have been thinking to buy a external HDD since few years back to backup my data. However, I keep thinking how much space I shall buy, what brand I shall buy and so and drag till today. I got it from Yeong Yeong this morning and I place it on my table (in office). Many people walk by and ask me what is the price. I tell them RM350 I sell it to them with the pouch. No one seems interested. Hehe.

My laptop keep giving me error recently. I’m so worry that I will lost all my data anytime from now and therefore bought this 500GB of storage space for data backup purpose. Haha, of course with 500GB, I can store a lot of MP3, movie, picture (as i got a campact camera recently too, but not yet blog about it).

Let’s take a look how my new passport looks like.

This is the box (packaging) + a pouch to hold my passport in the future.

Haha, the actual size of my WD 500GB My Passport is half the size of the box only.

Do you see my camera inside the above picture? Yeah lo, the surface of this passport is just so reflective. I think I can use it as my mirror in office in the future.

This picture show the reflection of my living hall ceiling light. Nice huh!! If I do not tell you, you might think this is the design of the casing.

This is how my passport looks like compare to her new house.

This is how her new house looks like from the inside.

OK. I’m done with all the picture for my 500GB passport in this blog post. I have yet to actually start using it while writing this blog post. It’s 11.47pm and I got to test whether this passport is working or not.

This WD My Passport come with 3 years limited warranty.

Ops, I think I have yet to mention the price for this passport. Yeah, the external HDD alone is RM289.00 + the pouch is RM5.00. So, total = RM294.00. Hope  have got a good price for this purchase. :-)

.com Domain from RM0.99

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wow, hard to believe.

Exabytes normal price for .com new domain registration is RM55 per year.

But hor, tomorrow got special promotion, definately loosing money for the company one. Just some giveaway to the public and to get attention from everyone.

.com domain price will be as low as RM0.99 for 1st year. No kidding. But only applicable for first 10 registration.

The price will increase by RM1.00 on top of the current price for every subsequent 10 .com domain purchased until reaching the maximum price of RM38 for April 2010.


RM0.99: 1st – 10th registration
RM1.99: 11st – 20th registration
RM2.99: 21st – 30th registration
RM3.99: 31st – 40th registration

and so on up to RM38 for first year for month of April 2010

Make sure you are ready to register at the soonest possible to get the lowest price in our promotion.

ARE YOU READY to grab 1 for yourself?

Years of Accumulation

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Do you have any special collection? Either collection for own hobby or collection for the purpose of exchanging for something.

Collection of coupon from Guardian to exchange for softtoy, collection of coupon from Giant to exchange for kitchen utilities, etc.

I got a special collection which I have colleted for few years. Guest what is my collection. I guarantee you will never get the answer until I reveal it.

Take a look at this picture and see you know what are they.

I have arrange them into heart shape as picture below.

Yoh, you are right. It is the scoop of milk powder from my little Chyi and Kang. I have accumulate this for around 2 years and guess how many scoop in total is there in the above pictures.

Why do I colelct those scoop? of course there are some purpose behind it. I’m going to redeem for something for this collection. What and how to redeem?

Easy, cut out the scoop handles. Each handles is 10 points and we can redeem gift from the Abbott Share & Care World Redemption.

Snap 1 more picture before I throw away the scoop part since collected for so long time. Yeah, heart shape again. But you can now see the before and after I cut the handles from the scoop.

WooHoo !!! There are total of 86 handles. I have got 860 points in total. I will redeem 600 points from it for a tin of 900g Gain Plus EyeQ Step 3 (1 to 3 years Old) worth around RM50 for little Chyi and Kang.

Anyone who have the handles of Abbott and not using it. You may donate it to me OK? Thanks in advance.

I’m in dilemma

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The real world is always very complicated.

When you keep some feeling to yourself. You alone suffering.

When you voice out all these feeling, you feel much release at short term but it actually caused many many other people beside you to suffer. Ended up you will suffer together.

HELP ME. I’m in dilemma.

There – I fixed it

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Long time no update since my last post.

so unsure what is the purpose I staying up so late not sleeping.

let’s forget about all the unhappy thing and I will be sharing some funny yet creative pictures received froma  forward mail here.

So, don’t think too much sometime. Just Do It.

I’m the Rasa Sayang Buffet for 2 persons + SPA Winner

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Remember that on 14-Sep-09, I have a post with title “Rasa Sayang Buffet for 2 persons + SPA“. Yes, with all the efford I have put in, I have won the Best of the Best and my prizes are Rasa Sayang Buffet x 2 (worth RM120+ per pax) + 3Hrs SPA and Massage @ Gurney SPA (claimable up to RM190) + 2 x GSC movie voucher. Thank you logo for the prizes.


Just looking at the voucher itself also feel happy liao.

The above voucher are logo internal voucher for contest purpose. I shall go for the buffet and SPA with my own money then only use this voucher to claim from logo.

Yes, I’m going to the Rasa Sayang Weekend Seafood Buffet with Seong Seong tomorrow night. Just can’t wait anymore for Friday night. How about 3Hrs SPA and Massage @ Gurney SPA? donno, not sure got time to go or not. The due date to claim it will be before 31-Dec-09. May be request to extend the date with boss see can or not.

Remember to come everyday to check if I have updated the pictures of the buffet in Rasa Sayang lorrr.

Ping Pong Tournament Semi Final

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Long time did not update my blog d. Last update was on 23-Nov-09 which is 8 days ago. hemmm, seems not too long ma hor ? hahahaha…

Working in logo is real fun although we are always loaded with never ending job and responsibilities. We had quite a number of Team Building event every year and one of them will be Exabytes Sports Tournament. Sports that we are playing this year is Ping Pong (Table Tennis).

Yeah, I’m in Team B. Members of Team B are:-

Myself –
Seong Seong –
Chris –
Gaveen –
Vickson –
Annie –

Visit to look at the result of this tournament in details.

Yes, our team has win our ticket to Semi Final today and check out below are some picture of the game today and myself in action.

Overview of the game field. It is at SunTech Penang 10th Floor.


This is Jessica who play the game with me and she is the winner. She play so good.


This is our judge – Chris (The Jacket Man).


Follow by pictures of myself wearing last year Penang Bridge Marathon T-shirt for volunteer.




The Ping Pong Ball hit on my 2nd finger of my right hand, is quite painful.


Are the 2 guys behind me my 拉拉队?


Enjoy the game very much.

Team B lost in this game also mean no chance to go for Final.

let’s wait for next year’s logo Sports Tournament to see is there any new game to play.

Penang Bridge International Marathon

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Penang Bridge International Marathon or in short PBIM was successfully held on 22-Nov-09 (Sunday). It was a successful event from my point of view. My dear Seong Seong is the one that developed the online registration system for them and this system helps the event a lot especially during the collection week (16-Nov-09 to 21-Nov-09).

See below for how the collection counter for PBIM 2009:



Look at the picture below, do you see the head of an alien on this laptop? Yes, you are right, this is the so called “Alienware” sponsired by Dell for this event. Will need to give it back to them after the event. Heard that it worth around RM10k per unit. It weight around 4kg per unit. Damn heavy.


PBIM had developed a portal purposely for this event at This portal actually display all the information and updates using Joomla! It is hosted with our company – Exabytes. They are hosted on Semi Dedicated server all these while and we have then migrated them into dedicated server due to a sudden increase in website traffic 1 week prior to the event.

We (Exabytes) were given a sales booth at PBIM Expo as we are one of their partner in running this event. This is a 20ft x 20ft booth. Is a very big booth for us as all our previous exhibition booth were normally 3m x 3m booth or 6 ft table booth. All our previous exhibition experience were indoor exhibition and this is our first time experience having booth at outdoor booth.


Inside picture above is Marccus.

Due to the booth is just outside QueensBay Mall and it is just besides the sea, the wind is so strong that even the elephant backdrop keeps falling. We ended up have to remove the backdrop and keep it. In otehr words, we have only 1 streamer (standing banner) which we tie it on one of the chair to avoid it falling.


We were given this booth at the very last minutes and I have only few days to prepare for what to promote in this booth and for our designer to get ready with the brochure design + printing. Everything was in a hurry.

My sincere thanks to my designer and all my team member (sales team and nonsales team) who have helped out in this sales booth daily from 11am to 9pm from 17-Nov-09 to 20-Nov-09 and 11am from 21-Nov-09 to 11am 22-Nov-09 (on-stop). You are all very awesome.

I have been on duty as usual in office during office hour and continue to assist in sales booth for whole week. On event Saturday, I have wake up at 8am as I need to fetch Seong Seong to the collection counter in the morning as we have only 1 car for now which we need to share. After that, I have went to USM hostel to fetch my cousin and her stuff to store in my house as USM is on semester break now. After that continue with some of my work before leave my hosue to PBIM booth around 3pm.

From there, I’m then on duty till 11am on Sunday and reach home, take bath and sleep only on 1pm. If you calculate them carefully, I have not sleep for around 29 hours. Amazing. I have break my own record for not sleeping in more than 24 hours.

Guess what? another amazing thing happen in my life. I slept from 1pm (22-Nov-09) till 7am (23-Nov-09) – total of 18 hours. Break 2 record in within 1 days time. Keng ler !!!

Below is picture of myself and myself explaining to visitor to our booth.



Have met sister of my colleague (KK Kwan) as picture below. Penang is real small huh. Hope she don’t mind I put her picture up here:


Met a lot of new young friend in this event. Most of them are secondary school student which is work as volunteer in PBIM. Added few of them in my Facebook.

We were there at the starting point to help cheer up and also there at the finishing line to support the runners.





There is a kid which is so cute, he is holding the crocs’s ballon and I try to play “fighting” with him and he really so sporting to play with me. He si really cute.



PBIM organiser also setup a special backdrop for all teh participant and any visitors to take pictures.


Finally found 1 picture of myself and Seong Seong together for this event.


That’s all for now. Will keep update you all when I have more pictures to share.

Thanks again for spending your time reading such a long blog post. hahaha. :)

Try this when u feel like getting flu

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Feel like so many of my colleague not feeling well or to be more exact, getting flu recently. A H1N1? I hope not.

Me myself also feel like getting flu. Blocking nose, throat feeling dry, boh sia, ah chew, etc. I think all those are symtoms of getting flu.

I have recall that I have received a forward mail from a friend I get to know through joining activities from JCI Tanjung Bungah (Leay Fong). This forward mail teach us how to reduce the possibility of getting flu.

First of all, drink a few ( 2 to 3) glasses of WARM water. Remember, it must be warm water, do not drink cold water.


3 to 5 minutes later, take a cup of hot coffee. Drink the coffee while it is hot or warm. HOT coffee, not COLD coffee


After around 20 to 30 minutes, you will feel like wanna go “output some liquid” from your body.

Slowly, you will feel like all teh symptoms of flu is leaving you now.

Do you know why?

1) Coffee is a type of drink that can makes you feel wanna pee very fast
2) You will be able to output a lot of water from your body with the few glasses of warm water you drink earlier before the coffee
3) Out-putting all the water from our body actually help to wash away most of the virus or bacteria from our body
4) Another reason of using coffee is that coffee is a type of drink that can make you feel awake so that you do not feel dizzy

With all the above simple explanation, it is not hard to understand why the above steps help.

I tried the above precaution steps on my own and I feel it very effective although it does nto really cure the flu. It at least help to prevent, or reduce the possibility of getting flu.

Try this and let me know whether it works for you too.

Accident in Highway (Bukit Merah)

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Something happen unexpectedly yesterday when me and my Seong Seong on our way back to Penang. If you wanna know what happen, continue reading this blog.

Seong Seong and I was on our way heading back to Penang from Taiping. We just attended my granma’s birthday celebration on Saturday night (24-Oct-09) and my cousin’s engagement on Sunday morning (25-Oct-09). We left Taiping earlier today compare to our normal day.

On our way back, we drive at just normal speed as it is raining heavily and Seong Seong also put on double signal so that other vehicle will aware of us driving in this heavy rain condition.

All of the sudden, our car lost control, our car spin 1 or 2 round and “fly” to the road side and fall into the small drain. This happen at kilometer 185.1 heading north. Anyone that wanna buy number can consider the below:

  1. 8286 (car plat number)
  2. 1851 (exact location of accident)
  3. 1630 (time of accident)
  4. 1024 or 2410 (date of accident)




I was shock, scare and crying in the car as all these happen n a sudden. Seong Seong trying to calm me down and keep askign me whether am I fine or is there anyinjury on myself. Thank God, both of us are safe, no major injury and no pain at all at that point of time.

There is a motor driver driving behind us drop by and trying to help us. His name is Albert if I got him right. I really thank Albert for his kindness to offer help to us even though is reaining real heavy at that moment. Seong Seong ask him whether he saw what actually happen to our car, he said that we are driving normally and the car just start turning suddenly and no one know what happen.

When both me and Seong Seong is safe and out of the car, we immediately saw the car tow service is here to offer help. Wah lau, you jus can’t imagine how efficient they are. The car tow officer help us to contact police traffic and whatever required contact. Myself and Seong Seong just stand aside waiting for help.

My hand keep shivering untill I’m not even able to make a phone call. Seong Seong help to give a call to my brother and come for help. Distance from my house to the incident site is around 15 to 20 minutes. The car tow officer told us, this area is actually “hot spot” for car accident. They have accident at these area on daily basis due to the road condition is not good. he also told us that our case is consider very small or mild. We are lucky enough.

See video below on how they pull up our car.

When the officer from Plus reach the incident place, fist thing they do is to look around whether is anything belongs to Plus is damaged. The officer told us that we have hit on 1 of the road sign (wooden stick painted with black and white with a round white light reflecter) and we got to pay the RM70. We ask him if we pay RM70, are we going to get any official receipt from Plus, he say they do not issue receipt.

We asked him, if we don pay now, what will happen?. He said they will issue a polis report and claim through polis report. I ask im to go issue a polis report then only we pay. Siao one, people accident liao some more ask people to pay them for this small matter. If I pay them on teh spot, I’m sure all the RM70 will go into their pocket. Everyone, beware of this.


After some arrangement, they start to tow up our car. Our car was not much damaged initially. The damages become serious after they try to tow up our car from the drain. Me and Seong Seong follow my brother’s car and we drive behind of the car tow to Balai Polis Bagan Serai to make a polis report. It took us 1 hour to complete the polis report and we got a saman of RM200 even though this is really an accident and is not caused by our carelessness.

No one checked what is the reason why our car skidded and no one care to find out why. But we ourself suspect is due to punture on the tyre behind on the right (driver) side. Does this mean that they will investigate only when someone died in any accident cases?

Our car was then tow back to Taiping workshop for repair.

After all the police report is done and completed, my brother fetch us back Taiping. On our way back only I called to my dad and Seong Seong call back to his parent to tell them what happened. We do not call them earlier as we do not want them to worryso much about us since both of us are safe at the very first place. All our parent were sock when we told them we are safe after all the police report. Can you image how they ill feel if we told hem at the very early of this accident where many thing are still unsure.

After back to Taiping home, we took a bath and ate dinner at my aunti house. After the dinner, Seong Seong fetch me to Hospital Columbia Asia for body checkup. This is a new private hospital in Taiping which is 5 minutes driving distance from my home and is nearby Tesco Taiping.

The hospital looks very nice and we register at the 24 hours emergency counter. The doctor immediately attend to us and help check all my hand, leg, head, etc. I told doctor that I had some mussle pain on my neck. After some checking, doctor verify that is just soft tissue injury (mussle pain) and all other part of the body is OK. Seong Seong went through the same checkup as well.

Thank God, really thank god that we are safe. Docto given me a “Cervcal Collar Foam” to put on my neck to reduce sudden movement of my head to avoid further injury on my neck and to help recover faster for my case.



Below is how I snapped my own picture user Seong Seong’s Canon EOS 350D. kiat bor?


As I mention earlier, the damages on our car become more serious after the tow. Below are pictures taken when we visited the workshop on today afternoon when we go submit all the document required for insurans claim to the workshop.





The car is now in workshop, it require around 1 month ime for repair. We asked the people in the workshop about roughly how much will it cost for this knd of repair. He told us might require around 8k to 9k. Never mind la, pay by insurans.

My heart is feeling so pain seing the car which has been bringing me and Seong Seong to so many places before got such  serious injuries. This car has been with us for 4 to 5 years if not mistaken. Thank you PGU 8286, you save our life.

Like Ainee said, me and Seong Seong appreciate each other even more after this accident. Thank you for the support from Chan, Annie and Roger, your call and offer for help makes me stay calm and strong. I love everyone even more after this incident.