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Free Raya e-Greeting Cards

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Happy Morning to all.

As per promise in my previous post Rasa Sayang Buffet for 2 persons + SPA, here am I going to relveal my announcement.

Yes, it is be related to exabytes again. After some serious topic on hosting yesterday, let’s go a bit relax today. But, it is also related to Malaysia.

Living in Malaysia which is a multi-racial country, we always have friends from different races. Raya is coming soon, have you send any raya greeting cards to your friends and family?

If you have done so, Good Job !! If you have not done so, no worry, be happy.

Exabytes is opening their Raya e-greeting cards for FREE for you, FREE for all of you to send greeting to your friends and family. Where to find it? Click here. To ease your clicking experience, I have make a big big banner for you to click on to link to Exabytes e-greeting cards.

Raya Greeting Main

Hurray, let’s spread the joys of Raya with Exabytes e-card !!

There are few design for the time being.

Design # 1: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Raya Greeting - card1

Design # 2: Wishing you the deepest joys of Raya

Raya Greeting - card2

Design # 3: Have A Joyous and Sparkling Raya

Raya Greeting - card3

Design # 4: Joyous and Prosperous Raya

Raya Greeting - card4

All the raya greeting cards above are designed by our inhouse web and graphic designer (Vickson and Alysa). Cool right?

Reading up to this point of time, have you taken your action to visit Exabytes Free Raya e-Greeting to send an e-card to your friends?

Come back to visit our site as we might include more cards/design real soon.

 With the internet facilities today, almost everything is possible. That’s why our government come out with the slogan – Senang dengan ICT.

Happy Birthday to Seong Seong

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Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to Seong Seong

Happy Birthday to you.


Happy Birthday to you my dear Seong Seong.


Wish you happy happy everyday,

wish you handsome handsome everyday,

wish you good good luck luck everyday,

love you love you everyday.

Chinese Valentine Day

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It has been sometime after I deliver my 2nd baby that me and my husband has not went out for some special dinner as both of us are always busy with our own work. Today is 15th day of Lunar New Year and it is also Chinese Valentine Day and we have travel all the way to Georgetown area to see is there any nice restaurant or nice food we can try off. Guess what, we ended up going into Gurney Plaza and ended up go into Sushi King as that is my favorite Japanese Restaurant.




Somehow we tried different thing compare to what we normally eat in Sushi King. We have ordered few side dishes instead of ordering for set meal like we always do. Food that we have ordered for today are as listed below together with pictures taken from Sushi King website. They do not allow download of their website images, I use a very old fashioned way which is print screen to get all those pictures.



Sake Roll


Smoked Salmon




Golden Ball


Wasabiko Roll


Agedashi Tofu




Sake Kawa Piri Piri


Sake Kawa Tenpura


After the meal, we just spend some time walk around Gurney Plaza and we found there are so many changes here in Gurney Plaza after the opening of Gurney Plaza New Wing. Gurney Plaza is now giving me an ipression that all the shops are selling very expensive thing.


There are a lot of road block around town area as there are Thaipusam celebration. It takes us around 1.5 hours to reach home from Georgetown. Scary.


This year Western Calendar Valentine Day 14-Feb-09 falls on weekend (Saturday) and we will be going back hometown to celebrate it with 2 of our kids. How are we going to celebrate our Valentine Day with our kid? No idea yet. haha.


Hereby wish everyone Happy Chinese Valentine Day and Happy Chap Goh Meh.

Money Tree

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A money tree plant is a special type of bonsai tree. The design originated in Taiwan in the 1980s, and was quickly picked up by many other Asian nations. Areas with large Asian populations frequently have money tree plants for sale, because money tree plants are believed to bring good luck and fortune. The money tree plant is particularly associated with China, and is often given out at Chinese New Year complete with red banners and other lucky decorations.


What come up into your mind when people discuss about money tree?




 Let me show you how a real money tree looks like. See picture below:





Nice plant ya.


I saw one picture in TheStar which a type of money tree as well.





I think I shall prepare a money tree like above next year for Chinese New Yer celebration to bring the environment more. Haha.


Last but not leat, today is already 14th day of Lunar New Year. It will be Chap Goh Meh tomorow – last day of Chinese New Year or some people call it Chinese Valentines Day.

Pai Ti Kong

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Just back from hometown on Sunday evening and resume Duty on Monday morning after CNY holiday.


Went back to Taiping again after work on Monday for the purpose of “Pai Ti Kong” or my colleague call it as Ti Kong Birthday (Birthday of Jade Emperor). Pai Ti Kong is one of the most important day for Hokkian which fall on 9th day of Lunar New Year. Everyone will get everything ready on 8th day of Lunar New Year night and start the prayer sharp at 12am.




Besides many variety of fruits and food, all our family member also work together to open up the “Ti Kong Kim” which we have prepare earlier for worshipping purpose. Take a look at the Ti Kong Kim before and after the prayer.









Time for eating party right after the prayer. Food that we have are as listed below:

1) sio bak from mom
2) white chicken from mom
3) red egg from mom
4) noodle soup from mom
5) lor pork hand from Aunti
6) ang ku from Aunti
7) bi ko from Aunti
8) miku from Aunti
9) fried chi cho bought from outside
10) etc


Everyone eat till very full, and everyone got to ta pao home as well as the food prepared were a lot.


My husband and I travel back to Penang after everything completed and we reach Penang around 3+am. Both of us were real tired and fell asleep within seconds once touches the bed.

Happy 牛 Year to All

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Today is already 2nd day of CNY, both my princess and Prince oioi liao, finally have time to write something here again


Main purpose for this post is to wish everyone Happy  牛  Year


May the year of OX bring you more success, more happiness, more healthy, more money, more hope, more dream, more goal to achieve, more target to hit, more friend, more love, more beautiful, more …
I’m so happy for these 1st and 2nd day of CNY as I got a lot of new cloth for my princess and prince. It will be like fashion show especially for my little princess for coming few more days.
Myself? only get 1 dress, 1 slack, 1 cloth, and 1 t-shirt. is this consider too little or already a lot?
Oh ya, see below for a cute and nice image for OX year from a forward mail that I would like to share with all of you here. Hope you all like it too.




Happy 牛 Year

Just look at the clock, is already 12.30am and means is already 3rd day of CNY liao.
Good night everyone, got to oioi also liao. Tomorow got to wake up earlier to prepare to bring my princess and price back to Taiping.