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30-Hour Famine 2009

Posted by: popoyan  /  Category: Child Sponsorship, Misc

Have you heard about 30-Hour Famine 2009?

This year, internationally-acclaimed Taiwanese singer, A-Mei will be our 30-Hour Famine Ambassador.


WorldVision is putting in a lot of effort to invite more campers to join them in their 138 DIY camps around Malaysia. The purpose of this is to raise fund in order to support children around the world especially those suffer hunger in coutry which facing food crisis.

Little Marccus is going to participate in this camps. He is paying RM120 (camper fee also the donation to the poors) + RM 30 (T-shirt and miscellaneous fee) to suffer the 30 hours of hunger. The camps will start from 15-Aug-09 to 16-Aug-09.

This is my receipt for donating to this event. Small amount but hope it is able to help.


Picture taken by Seong Seong on top of the carpet at my house. Nice?

Ops, just realise that the money that donate to WorldVision (through Marccus) is used as the camping fee. In other words, we are sending this slim little Marccus to suffer hunger. Marccus, hope you survive the 30 hours. Make sure you do not MC the next day. haha.

We should have send other people which have more fats inside their body with the hope to help them burn off some of their fat next time.

Back to the point why I write this blog post. 

Every 7 seconds, a child dies of hunger. Because of the food crisis, tens of thousands more will die. You’ve got the power of change that – will you?

Join WorldVision Malaysia Group in FaceBook to keep yourself up to date for all their event which can help you to help more around the world that need helps.

WorldVision Child Sponsorship Programme

Posted by: popoyan  /  Category: Child Sponsorship

I have heard about WorldVision Child Sponsorship Programme sometime ago through MyFM. Have been thinking to sponsor one child as it is not too expensive but no action taken untill 14-Jan-09.


On this day, I’m listening to MyFM as usual on my way home from office and I heard that WorldVision aims to sponsor out 3,000 children through its International Child Sponsorship Programme in 3 months time which is from January to March 2009. In other words, they will need to look for 1000 child sponsor per month or minimum 34 child sponsor on daily basis.


This advertisement has again inspire me to sponsor a child to help. I browse through WorldVision Website to know more about this programme. After reading some of their information, I have decided to take action to fill in their form to sponsor a child under WorldVision and I’m paying them RM50/month through CC.


You may also gather up few of you and your friend to share sponsoring a child instead of sponsoring a child individually if you are really interested but not affordable by your own.


It is as simple as 4 Steps to sponsor a child now.


1. Fill in how many child you wish to sponsor and from which country of your preferences
2. Select your preferred billing cycle and payment method
3. Fill in your personal details
4. Fill in how you found WorldVision
You will then download a form to fill in your credit card detail (if you are paying by CC) to be fill in and fax back to WorldVision.

After 2 weeks from my subscription date (28-Jan-09, 3rd day of CNY 09), I have received an email receipt from WorldVision mentioning that they have charged to my CC.


I’m just back from hometown today evening after CNY break. I opened up my letter box after back home as I’m away for 1 week during CNY. I’m so excited that I finally received details of my sponsored child now. My sponsored child is a 3 years old boy from Thusalushaka, South Africa. He lived in a single parent family with his mother. His mom is currently unemployed.