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I’m the Rasa Sayang Buffet for 2 persons + SPA Winner

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Remember that on 14-Sep-09, I have a post with title “Rasa Sayang Buffet for 2 persons + SPA“. Yes, with all the efford I have put in, I have won the Best of the Best and my prizes are Rasa Sayang Buffet x 2 (worth RM120+ per pax) + 3Hrs SPA and Massage @ Gurney SPA (claimable up to RM190) + 2 x GSC movie voucher. Thank you logo for the prizes.


Just looking at the voucher itself also feel happy liao.

The above voucher are logo internal voucher for contest purpose. I shall go for the buffet and SPA with my own money then only use this voucher to claim from logo.

Yes, I’m going to the Rasa Sayang Weekend Seafood Buffet with Seong Seong tomorrow night. Just can’t wait anymore for Friday night. How about 3Hrs SPA and Massage @ Gurney SPA? donno, not sure got time to go or not. The due date to claim it will be before 31-Dec-09. May be request to extend the date with boss see can or not.

Remember to come everyday to check if I have updated the pictures of the buffet in Rasa Sayang lorrr.

Ping Pong Tournament Semi Final

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Long time did not update my blog d. Last update was on 23-Nov-09 which is 8 days ago. hemmm, seems not too long ma hor ? hahahaha…

Working in logo is real fun although we are always loaded with never ending job and responsibilities. We had quite a number of Team Building event every year and one of them will be Exabytes Sports Tournament. Sports that we are playing this year is Ping Pong (Table Tennis).

Yeah, I’m in Team B. Members of Team B are:-

Myself –
Seong Seong –
Chris –
Gaveen –
Vickson –
Annie –

Visit to look at the result of this tournament in details.

Yes, our team has win our ticket to Semi Final today and check out below are some picture of the game today and myself in action.

Overview of the game field. It is at SunTech Penang 10th Floor.


This is Jessica who play the game with me and she is the winner. She play so good.


This is our judge – Chris (The Jacket Man).


Follow by pictures of myself wearing last year Penang Bridge Marathon T-shirt for volunteer.




The Ping Pong Ball hit on my 2nd finger of my right hand, is quite painful.


Are the 2 guys behind me my 拉拉队?


Enjoy the game very much.

Team B lost in this game also mean no chance to go for Final.

let’s wait for next year’s logo Sports Tournament to see is there any new game to play.