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Penang Bridge International Marathon

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Penang Bridge International Marathon or in short PBIM was successfully held on 22-Nov-09 (Sunday). It was a successful event from my point of view. My dear Seong Seong is the one that developed the online registration system for them and this system helps the event a lot especially during the collection week (16-Nov-09 to 21-Nov-09).

See below for how the collection counter for PBIM 2009:



Look at the picture below, do you see the head of an alien on this laptop? Yes, you are right, this is the so called “Alienware” sponsired by Dell for this event. Will need to give it back to them after the event. Heard that it worth around RM10k per unit. It weight around 4kg per unit. Damn heavy.


PBIM had developed a portal purposely for this event at This portal actually display all the information and updates using Joomla! It is hosted with our company – Exabytes. They are hosted on Semi Dedicated server all these while and we have then migrated them into dedicated server due to a sudden increase in website traffic 1 week prior to the event.

We (Exabytes) were given a sales booth at PBIM Expo as we are one of their partner in running this event. This is a 20ft x 20ft booth. Is a very big booth for us as all our previous exhibition booth were normally 3m x 3m booth or 6 ft table booth. All our previous exhibition experience were indoor exhibition and this is our first time experience having booth at outdoor booth.


Inside picture above is Marccus.

Due to the booth is just outside QueensBay Mall and it is just besides the sea, the wind is so strong that even the elephant backdrop keeps falling. We ended up have to remove the backdrop and keep it. In otehr words, we have only 1 streamer (standing banner) which we tie it on one of the chair to avoid it falling.


We were given this booth at the very last minutes and I have only few days to prepare for what to promote in this booth and for our designer to get ready with the brochure design + printing. Everything was in a hurry.

My sincere thanks to my designer and all my team member (sales team and nonsales team) who have helped out in this sales booth daily from 11am to 9pm from 17-Nov-09 to 20-Nov-09 and 11am from 21-Nov-09 to 11am 22-Nov-09 (on-stop). You are all very awesome.

I have been on duty as usual in office during office hour and continue to assist in sales booth for whole week. On event Saturday, I have wake up at 8am as I need to fetch Seong Seong to the collection counter in the morning as we have only 1 car for now which we need to share. After that, I have went to USM hostel to fetch my cousin and her stuff to store in my house as USM is on semester break now. After that continue with some of my work before leave my hosue to PBIM booth around 3pm.

From there, I’m then on duty till 11am on Sunday and reach home, take bath and sleep only on 1pm. If you calculate them carefully, I have not sleep for around 29 hours. Amazing. I have break my own record for not sleeping in more than 24 hours.

Guess what? another amazing thing happen in my life. I slept from 1pm (22-Nov-09) till 7am (23-Nov-09) – total of 18 hours. Break 2 record in within 1 days time. Keng ler !!!

Below is picture of myself and myself explaining to visitor to our booth.



Have met sister of my colleague (KK Kwan) as picture below. Penang is real small huh. Hope she don’t mind I put her picture up here:


Met a lot of new young friend in this event. Most of them are secondary school student which is work as volunteer in PBIM. Added few of them in my Facebook.

We were there at the starting point to help cheer up and also there at the finishing line to support the runners.





There is a kid which is so cute, he is holding the crocs’s ballon and I try to play “fighting” with him and he really so sporting to play with me. He si really cute.



PBIM organiser also setup a special backdrop for all teh participant and any visitors to take pictures.


Finally found 1 picture of myself and Seong Seong together for this event.


That’s all for now. Will keep update you all when I have more pictures to share.

Thanks again for spending your time reading such a long blog post. hahaha. :)

Try this when u feel like getting flu

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Feel like so many of my colleague not feeling well or to be more exact, getting flu recently. A H1N1? I hope not.

Me myself also feel like getting flu. Blocking nose, throat feeling dry, boh sia, ah chew, etc. I think all those are symtoms of getting flu.

I have recall that I have received a forward mail from a friend I get to know through joining activities from JCI Tanjung Bungah (Leay Fong). This forward mail teach us how to reduce the possibility of getting flu.

First of all, drink a few ( 2 to 3) glasses of WARM water. Remember, it must be warm water, do not drink cold water.


3 to 5 minutes later, take a cup of hot coffee. Drink the coffee while it is hot or warm. HOT coffee, not COLD coffee


After around 20 to 30 minutes, you will feel like wanna go “output some liquid” from your body.

Slowly, you will feel like all teh symptoms of flu is leaving you now.

Do you know why?

1) Coffee is a type of drink that can makes you feel wanna pee very fast
2) You will be able to output a lot of water from your body with the few glasses of warm water you drink earlier before the coffee
3) Out-putting all the water from our body actually help to wash away most of the virus or bacteria from our body
4) Another reason of using coffee is that coffee is a type of drink that can make you feel awake so that you do not feel dizzy

With all the above simple explanation, it is not hard to understand why the above steps help.

I tried the above precaution steps on my own and I feel it very effective although it does nto really cure the flu. It at least help to prevent, or reduce the possibility of getting flu.

Try this and let me know whether it works for you too.

Malaysia Budget 2010

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I was in Singapore attending Nuffnang Blog Awards when Malaysian government is announcing Budget 2010 (23-Oct-09). So many things happen after I have back from Singapore.

  • Granma 80th Birthday
  • Cousin engagement
  • Car accident in Highway
  • Company Team Building
  • Kang fall sick

And finally I have some time to roughlyread through about Malaysia Budget 2010. Budget 2010 with the theme “1 Malaysia, Together We Proser” focus on 3 strategies (DEF).

  1. Driving the nation towards a high-income economy
  2. Ensuring holistic and sustainable development
  3. Focusing on well-being of the Rakyat


It will be too long if I’m going to list out all the thing about budget and no point I’m doing it as there are many news website which giving you better and more precise data about Budget 2010. Just share little bit ffrom my point of view.

1) Effective year 2010 to 2012, individual tax payers is given tax relief for broadband up to RM500. RM500 a year means RM41.66/month. Why don’t they allow relief up to RM850 as most of the broadband price are around RM70+ a month.

2) Personal income tax relief increased from RM8,000 to RM9,000. Sounds good. But will this make any different in total tax we need to pay at the end of the calculation?

3) Deduction for EPF & Life Insurance increased from RM6,000 to RM7,000.

May be add up for the above 3 will help reduce tax I need to pay for year 2010.

4) Expenses incurredin patend and trademark registration for SME company can be deducted from Tax. Hopefully our local SME can fully utilise this to grow their business or run more creativity campaign to brush up the brain for Malaysian.

5) Special tax exemption apply to building which is awarded with GBI (Green Building Indexed) certificate. I’m not interested on how much a company can save, but I like this idea where it shows that our government do care about the environment. Or are they doing this to encourage more building to be certified as GBI so that Malaysia will have higher rank globally in fighting global warming? Who know?

All the above looks likes benefits to the Rakyat instead of Government. Total income from Government will reduce significantly with implementation of the above Budget. So, now is time to talk about how much we need to pay back to Government in order for government to have enough fund to continue ruling our country.

6) It is proposed that tax at a fixed rate of 5% will apply if you are selling off any property with gains. The terms and condition is long and I do not really understand what they mean. LOL. Imagine how much you need to pay to government if your dad bought a landed property in Penang island 20 years ago at around RM20k to RM30k and this landed property worth at least RM300k+.

7) For each of the credit card that you have on hand, you will need to pay government a RM50 yearly service tax for principal card and RM25 yearly service tax for supplementary card. I got to check back how many credit card I have in total which is not in use and la la lam cancel them with the issuing bank.

8) We are allowed to chose whether we prefer to contribute 8% or 11% to EPF since Jan 09. With immediate effect ( no need to wait till year 2010) where those who chosen to reduce to 8% can now increase back to 11%. However, effective from Jan 2011, the employee EPF contribution will be reverted to 11%.

9) Those that fail to submit or complete the tax submission before 3-Mar for each year can be fine ranging from RM200 to RM2,000 or imprisonment. This one I support. I normally get my tax submitted only at the very last week from teh given due date btu I never late. Haha.

Take note that all the above does not apply on total tax you need to pay for year 2009 which you will to submit before April 2010. LOL.