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After explosion

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Wonder how the factory looks like after the explosion?

See below picture.





Ya, the factory is no more working for now.  Will go back and check it out this weekend again.

Explosion on Factory in Kampung Acheh

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Sunny Saturday morning, rainy Saturday afternoon.

Suddenly aunti from next house called and mention the glove factory exploded. We looked out from the Windows of house (located at Kampung Acheh) and see dark dark color smoke flowing like cloud out from the factory behind our house.


OMG, the building which is on fire is just 1 factory building away from our house. Fortunately, there is some distance from the burning building to another factory building before our house. It looks so scary for the dark color smoke which is keep flowing out. The smoke is very smelly. may be due to this is a glove factory and there are a lot of rubber and chemical. We brought Chyi and Kang out go kai kai to avoid sucking in all those smelly + poisoning smoke.

When we are away in our car, we go turn around this area and see that the smoke spread wide.

There are at least 4 to 5 fire engine surrounding the factory building trying to control the fire and smoke.







My First BlueBerry Muffin

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back from Sitiawan to Penang yesterday night around 10+pm as usual

suddenly having the mood to try bake some muffin. Here is how the process of baking muffin. Is as simple as anyone can bake their muffin from home. Haha.

1) I bought a package of Blueberry Muffin mix when shopping in Tesco last week. is NONA brand. They have got few different flavor – Plain, Blueberry, Orange & Chocolate.

2) pre-heat the oven to 180 degree celcius.

3) Add all the required ingredient (3 eggs and 100g water) into the muffin fix. Mix it using electrical mixer for around 2 minutes.

4) add in 120g vegetable oil (but I used olive oil) into step 2 and mix it using electrical mixer for around 1 minute.


5) arrange 1 muffin cup into each mould


6) fill up the cup for 2/3 full



7) put them into the oven to bake for around 15 minutes.



Oven not big enough, so, have to overlap a bit la. Bo bien la.

It takes 5 round to finish baking all the muffin and I have got (12 x 9 + 7) 115 muffin in total.

Some of the muffin looks nice.


But some of the muffin “chao heng” (running out of shape)


I have bring all the muffin to office to let my colleague to be my white mouse. Lucky that no one run toilet after eating this. Haha.

Overall – taste good. I like it. Will try other recepi (own mixed recepi) if possible for the next muffin baking.

Stay tuned for next recepi.

Swimming Class Today

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I’m staying in a lovely condominium in Penang. This condo has a very big swimming pool. Don’t ask me how big, never measure before. But I have some picture taken before I move in and stay here around 4 years ago.

My colleague came to my place for swimming for few times and they enjoy it so much with such a big pool. The pool consist of a baby pool (around 2 feet deep) and adult pool (1.8 meter). The baby pool has a water fall and a slide.


Today, they will be coming again to swim. Actually they come to play more than to swim. I’m alright with that as long as they enjoy it and they are happy with it since using or not using the facilities, I will still need to pay the maintenance fee of RM135/month to the management.

Today, I’ll be having a swimming class. Yes, you are right, swimming class. But not I attend or I learning to swim. I’ll be the coach to coach my colleague on how to swim.

I’m not a swimming instructor, I do not know how the actual or proper way to teach people to swim. But I will just teach from how I learn it. Teaching them to relax themself, teaching them to kick, etc. No fee involve and no guarantee. Haha.

Wish me good luck in today’s swimming class and wish my colleague good luck.

Happy Birthday to Chyi Girl Girl

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Chyi girl girl, is 08-August-09 today
is your birthday today
and you are 2 years old today

Happy Birthday to you from papa and mama




big big girl girl liao lor

mimi wish chyi chyi







mimi Love you… See You.

Can iLoveMalaysia win me an iPhone 3Gs

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Calling all Malaysian and also non-Malaysian.

Every August of the year, our lovely country Malaysia will be celebrating our Merdeka month as our Merdeka Day fall on 31-Aug-09. There will be a lot of contest, campaign that is running within this month.

I’m now joining iLoveMalaysia campaign by Exabytes which might win me an iPhone 3Gs.


If you notice, I’m placing an iLoveMalaysia logo on top right of my blog. Nice logo right?

Why I join this contest? simple ..

No 1: I Love Malaysia
No2: I know you love Malaysia
No3: I know there are many Malaysian or non-Malaysian Love Malaysia

I was born in Malaysia, I grown up in Malaysia, of course iLoveMalaysia. Do you?

Actually hor, there are some other reasons why I join this contest. This contest is organised by my company (Exabytes), I always support whatever my company doing as it indirectly support myself. Hahaha.On top of that, I wanted to try my luck whether I’m lucky enough to win an iPhone 3Gs.

To help me increase my chance to win the iPhone 3Gs, I sincerely hope that whoever reads on this blog post join this contest and remember to put me as the person that refer you to this contest. The more people I refer to participate in this contest, the higher chances I will get to win back the iPhone 3Gs.

There will also be some quizes where you can try out to see how much you know Malaysia. Dare to challenge yourself?

Let me know if you have entered my name referring you to this game. Hehe …