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Happy Birthday to Handsome Kang

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KangHappy Birthday to you.


You are exactly 1 year old  (English Calendar) today.


mimi and papa wish you

Happy Happy everyday,
Healthy Healthy everyday,
Walk here walk there everyday,
Grow-up fast fast everyday,
Jizha Jizha everyday,

mimi & papa love you everyday.

wish you all good thing coming everyday.





30-Hour Famine 2009

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Have you heard about 30-Hour Famine 2009?

This year, internationally-acclaimed Taiwanese singer, A-Mei will be our 30-Hour Famine Ambassador.


WorldVision is putting in a lot of effort to invite more campers to join them in their 138 DIY camps around Malaysia. The purpose of this is to raise fund in order to support children around the world especially those suffer hunger in coutry which facing food crisis.

Little Marccus is going to participate in this camps. He is paying RM120 (camper fee also the donation to the poors) + RM 30 (T-shirt and miscellaneous fee) to suffer the 30 hours of hunger. The camps will start from 15-Aug-09 to 16-Aug-09.

This is my receipt for donating to this event. Small amount but hope it is able to help.


Picture taken by Seong Seong on top of the carpet at my house. Nice?

Ops, just realise that the money that donate to WorldVision (through Marccus) is used as the camping fee. In other words, we are sending this slim little Marccus to suffer hunger. Marccus, hope you survive the 30 hours. Make sure you do not MC the next day. haha.

We should have send other people which have more fats inside their body with the hope to help them burn off some of their fat next time.

Back to the point why I write this blog post. 

Every 7 seconds, a child dies of hunger. Because of the food crisis, tens of thousands more will die. You’ve got the power of change that – will you?

Join WorldVision Malaysia Group in FaceBook to keep yourself up to date for all their event which can help you to help more around the world that need helps.

My First Potato Salad

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As written in my previous post, I went to Sunshine supermarket and Giant supermarket to buy ingredient to prepare for potato salad for our office Makan-Makan Gathering.

How to make the potato salad? follow below step at-your-own-risk.

- 6 American Potatoes (big size)
- 1/2 Carrot
- 1 Onion
- 3 Eggs (big or small doen’t matter)
- Original Mayanise
- Yellow Mustard
- Marjerin or Butter
- Saltr
- Pepper

1) cut potatoes into small pieces (cube of around 2cm x 2cm x 2cm)
2) cut carrot into small stripe
3) cut onion intosmall stripe
4) boil potatoes until soft in a salted water (not too salty of course)
5) boil eggs untill hard
5.1) mash it
** like how u make egg sandwich ingredient. Without egg should be no problem.
6) Mixing salad source
6.1) add in 350ml of original mayanise ( can add more if you like more)
6.2) add in 1 table spoon of yellow mustard
6.3) add in 1 table spoon marjerin or butter
6.4) add in 1/2 teaspoon of salt
7) Mixed all potatoes, carrot, onion, mashed egg and salad source in a big bowl
8) sprinkle with some black pepper if you like it

OMG, less than 10 steps to prepare such a delicious and healthy food.

Wanna know how my potato salad looks like? Nah, see below.


The plastic container in the middle is my potato salad. Looks good? I assume it is good as the last bite was finished by TS.

Every Monday is a No Plastic Bag day

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Today is Monday, Monday is a no plastic bag day for all the supermarket (at least in Penang).

Tomorow is Tuesday. Yeah, I know you know that tomorow is Tuesday. Let me finish it OK?

Tomorow is Tuesday, we will be having a makan-makan party in office. Will order some delivery and some of our team member will be coming out with their “secret recipe”.

As from what I know till now, we will be having some pizza (order delivery), 粥先生 will do some sushi, little potato will bake a cheese cake, Seong Seong will prepare Butter Cake and myself is trying to do potato salad.

Therefore, I must go supermarket to buy the ingredient today.

Went to Sunshine Square supermarket to buy potatoes, onions, eggs, mayonise, yellow mustard during lunch time. Sunshine given me a paper box to hold all the thing I bought. So funny and first time walking out of a supermarket holding a box instead of plastic bag.

After work, went o Giant again to buy some other thing like carrot, garlic, little tomatoes, and cheese powder. Giant takda plastic bag give, takda paper box given. Me and Seong Seong hold the thing we bought on our hand. Lucky did not buy much.

Both Sunshine Square and Giant are selling their brand of recycle bag at cheaper price.

Next time go supermarket shall bring our own recycle bag even not Monday and start to play our role in helping to safe the world from global warming.

Teaching of Math and Science in B.Malaysia

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What is the effect of teaching Math and Science in English.

For me, it is acceptable since English is a international language. I somehow still prefer to have Match and Science to be teach in mandarin. Our Mother language.

Now, the government is planning for teaching Math and Science in Bahasa Malaysia. What do you think?

Well, here is the chance for you to speak up and be heard! Our former PM Tun Dr Mahathir has set up a poll on his blog for us to cast our vote. 
So, for the future of our children and Malaysia, please click here and vote, NOW!

Next, forward this email to ALL your relatives, friends, colleagues and contacts on your mailing list. Those who have blog/web sites, please paste this link on your site so that more people can speak up.

AirAsia Flight Delay

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What is the first thing came into your mind when see the above logo?

Now everyone can fly
Cheap price
Frequent flight delay

I have been on AirAsia for twice and both flight were on-time and I’m telling people that not too bad from my own experience.

Today, I would like to change my statement again. Why?

Seong Seong went to KL (from Penang to LCCT) yesterday and his flight delayed for 1 hour (from 8.50pm to 9.50pm).

Today on hsi way back from KL to Penang, his flight suppose to be 7.00pm and guess what, the flight delay again.

How long do you think the flight is delayed today? The flight was delayed to 10.10pm (3 hours 10 minutes of delay) and Seong Seong waited in LCCT for the few hours. Pity Seong Seong. Lucky still got CoffeeBean where he can get online.

Finally, the plane has arrive and Seong Seong get onboard on time and thinking that he will be able to see me in another 1 hour time.  Hehe… Unfortunately, the flight delay again for around 15 minutes and fly only around 10.25pm.

I drive and reach Penang Airport at 11pm to fetch Seong Seong and the flight arrived only around 11.30pm and by the time Seong Seong walk out from airport is already 11.45pm. We reach home around 12 midnight.

Let’s do some very simple calculation here.

Total hour delayed
= 1 hr + 3hr 10 min  + 15 min
= 4 hr 25 min

Total flight
= 2 (from myself) + 2 (from Seong Seong)
= 4

Average delay per trip
= 4 hr 25 min / 4
= 1 hr 6 min

So, the next time you plan to take any airasia flight, get ready with 1 hour of delay in every flight. Hahaha …

I checked from AirAsia website and found the below.

In accordance with industry standards, an ‘on-time’ departure is one that departs from the designated bay no more than 15 minutes from the scheduled departure time.

Below is the statistic for their flight on-time performance.