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Exabytes Movie Day – Transformers – Revenge of The Fallen

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Is Sunday again, but today wake up early also like yesterday as there is another company event.

Exabytes Movie Day: Transformers – Revenge of The Fallen.


Seong Seong and I went for breakfast at Jones Road. We ordered our favorite Roti Bakar + Kari Ayam + Teh Tarik.



We proceed to Gurney Plaza and reach there around 9.15am. Only less than 5 cars in Gurney Plaza car park. Haha. First time see so few car in their ar park.

All the shop is yet to open and Seong Seong help me took quite some picture with poster of Transformer.



Our private group photo session.


Ticket Redemption picture.


Inside Cinema.


It was a nice movie. This movie is tense with some funny scene. I enjoy the movie very much. Group photo after the movie inside the cinema.


After the movie, we went for lunch together at Nando Chicken in Gurney Plaza.



Looking forward for our next Movie Day.

eLawyer – Exabytes Penang Bloggers & Law Forum 2009 (II)

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Wake up slightly earlier yesterday, more thing to get ready as need to wear formal + some make-up. hahah.

Why make up? got company event. As per mention in eLawyer – Exabytes Penang Bloggers & Law Forum 2009. My company (Exabytes) is the exclusive sponsor for this event. My boss is not around in Penang, I’m representating him to give the speech. The organiser requested to wear formal. So, got to be proper. Hahah.



The event started a little late due to heavy traffic flow in USM as it was USM‘s undergraduate’s registration day.

Picture for the auditorium hall used for this event with all audiences.


Event of the day are as below:

- MCee (Miss Yieng San, Lawyer) introducing the purpose of this event.


- Organiser (Mr Eddie) giving welcome speech.


- speech from Exabytes Representative (myself).


- speech by Penang Bar


- presentation of token of appreciation to speakers, moderator, sponsor, Penang Bar and USM.


- Group photo for speakers and VIP.


- Introduction by event moderator (Mr Khairul).


- Topic # 1: Bloggers & Copy Rights by Mr Foong Cheng Leong (Lawyer)


- Topic # 2: Blogger & Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Act 1998 (MCMC Act) and rules and guidelines of MCMC

Unfortunately, the speaker has some urgent meeting and not able to join us in this event.

- Topic # 3: Bloggers and Defamation Law by Mr Stephen Tan Ban Cheng (Lawyer and Journalist)


- Q and A session

- Presentation of gift from USM to Speakers and Moderator.

- Group photo session with all participant


- End of program.

Learn few things in this blogger and law forum.
never made statement which is straight to the point.
- twist your sentense or make it into question style.
- let your reader to interpret or imagine on their own so that you do not invite trouble to yourself
- when you receive any request to remove something from your blog, proceed to remove it to avoid court case
- any simple court case will cost you minimum 30k to 50k minimum of “RM” (Real Money).
- 1 + 1 will nto definately equal to 2 in law.

Eddie has given us a joke before the end of the forum:-

“A” is having a court case and is searching for a lawyer to assist him in his case. He went to first lawyer and ask the first lawyer 1 question.
A: 10 + 10 equal how much?
Lawyer 1: 20
A: TQ (and walk away from lawyer 1′s office)

A went to second lawyer.
A:10 + 10 equal how much?
Lawyer 2: (close the door) How much you want the answer to be?
A: deal, you will be my lawyer.

Hope you enjoy this joke as well.

eLawyer – Exabytes Penang Bloggers & Law Forum 2009

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Are you a blogger?

If you are not a blogger, do you read some one else’s blog?

Do you sometime feel like some of the blogger are talking too much or talking on some sensitive topic? Do blogger really allowed to talk anything they want? No law controlling them? Have you ever think of what is the limitation of a bogger when they are writing their blog?

Ops, sound like I have got a lot of question to ask today. In fact, all these question has been in my mind for quite a long time but I did not really go dig out the answer.

Good news for all the blogger in Penang or friends from Northern Malaysia. Exabytes is now working together with eLawyer in organizing Bloggers & Law Forum 2009  in Penang.


You will now have a chance to learn what  a blogger can write and what they should not write. I will be attending this forum on this Saturday (27-Jun-09) in USM.

I have get ready the map for your reference here.


See you people there.

Will share more after the forum. Stay tuned.

Water Filter

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Wow, my last post was on 10-Jun-09 which is 15 days earlier. I have not been updating my blog for such a long time. Never mind, I’m back now.

Have any of your drink direct water from water tab from your house? I remember that when I was still small, I saw people just open up tab water and drink directly. However, I don’t see this anymore today. May be I’m staying in a small kampung when I’m small and I’m now staying in town area where people are more hygine concern.

OK, lets say you boil your water before drink it. Do you fileter your water before put them into kettle to boil it? Do your house have any water filter installed? big or small? tall or short? fat or thin? any kind of water filter.

I’m now staying in a condominium where we have 8 unit per floor and guess what? 5 of them installed filter at the source of the water before the water actually coming in to their house. You might ask what about the remaining 3?

Unfortunately, the remaining 3 no longer able to install any water filter at the water source as the space in the meter room is already used up as picture below.


Yes, all the 5 unit are installing these kind of GIANT water filter and I think this is one of the most popular water filter sold nowaday.

Am I in the list of 5 which have filter installed or am I in the list of 3 which do not have filter installed? Thank God, I’m so lucky that one of the filter is helping me to filter the water before I use them for any purpose.

Which among the filter is mine? See below.


We clean our filter every 2 or 3 months and the yakkie brown color will flow for around 5 minutes every time we wash it. Imagine if all these yakkie brown water goes into your stomach. Scary.

So, there are 2 choice for you now.

Install a filter or You become the filter

I have installed a filter few years back. I love you my filter.


Wanna sweat a lot without sports?

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Wow Wow Wow !!!

Our office is located in Suntech Tower, Bayan Baru, Penang. Suntech Tower is a office building that suppose to have facilities like gym, steam, sauna, etc.  Unfortunately, the gym facilities is not up yet.

I went for steam and sauna today after wotk with Yeong Yeong and Annie.  This is my first time experiencing steam and sauna.

Inside the steam room, we set the temperature to around 28 degree celcious and stay in teh steam room for around 30 minutes. At first, we are so excited seing the steam coming out from a pipe. When more and more steam is filling up the room, my eye sight become blur due to all those steam. Feeling like we are at Genting Highland but at high temperature. Yeong Yeong was sitting opposite with me and I was not able even to see Yeong Yeong due to all the steam that filled up teh room.

I started to feel more and more difficult to breath. May be due to our nose has yet to get use to the high temperature plus the higher pressure in the room I guess. Slowly, I feel better. I sometime breath through mouth instead of nose.

In the steam room, I can feel that my body, hand, leg are all cover with water. However, I’m not sure are those our sweat or the steam that converted into water when touches our body. As we have set the timer for only around 30 minutes, the steam stop coming out around 10 minutes earlier so that the room temperature slowly go down and the steam slowly disappear. Not bad, may consider go again.

After around 30 minutes in steam room, we move to the sauna room just beside the steam room. We have activate the sauna room heater earlier before we enter the steam room. So, the heater is already heated up and we directly pour some water on the heated stone. Wow, the heat started to come up and fill up the room.

Sauna is totally different feel compare to steam. In sauna room, we feel the heat but the room is dry. Yeong Yeong and Annie started to sweat very fast, me started to sweat slow. It is very obvious that we sweat a lot a lot within around 30 minutes. We can feel our sweat coming out like water flow out from body and drop to the floor.

Total sweat that came out within this 30 minutes is much much much more compare to playing badminton for 1 hour non-stop. Song. Siok. Feeling so nice after sweating a lot.

After that, we take a bath and went back office to collect our belongings before leaving the office. We are planning to visit either steam or sauna once a week in the future. Why? cause we can actually sweat so much without going through all those tough sport which will ended up cause us feeling so tired.

Oh Yeah, steam and sauna, see you next week.