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SonSon’s MacBook was stolen

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SonSon’s Mac Book was stolen at Hongkie Kopitiam at E-Gate on 28-Apr-09 night around 10am.
Appreciate if you are able to help forwarding this piece of information to all your friend that in case you saw anyoen selling second hand Mac Book with the below information.

Part No.: MB061ZP/A
Serial Number.: W8730S60YA2
Someone from behind snatched the MacBook bag which he put on the floor next to him. He feel someone behind him and suddenly notice his MacBook disappeared. He requested for the CCTV from E-Gate and see the whole incident through the CCTV.
All of us in our company is trying our best to help him to find back his lvely Mac Book that has been with him since 2 years ago.
Any of you who found this Mac Book in good condition may contact and you will be rewarded RM3000. Good Deal ha?

Happy Birthday to Feiz

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Happy Birthday to you Feiz.

Wish you Happy Happy Everyday.


Just finish filing Income Tax

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Wow, done with a BIG project. Submitting my year 2008 Income Tax at

Basically, their form is very easy and simple for even end user to understand and know what to do. But why do I still mention it as a BIG project?

I started the process around 9pm after came back from dinner from QB today. I just finished filling up the form righ before I start to write this post. Wow, it tooks me around 2 hours to fill in this as simple as 6 pages form. Can you imagine how slow the speed of access to their server/system is when I’m in my process of filing my income tax.

I assume today is really near to the due date given (30-Apr-09). On top of that, it is now off office hour, everyone trying to submit their report online from home and cause the e-hasil system/server to overload.

OK. no more energy to write further. Is late now and need to prepare to go to bed. Tomorow is going to have another interview session Business Development Executive and interview starts at 7am.

Good Night everybody. launched yesterday

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Anyone visited myGovernment website before?

This is The Malaysia Government’s Official Portal. This portal contacin all kind of information from Education, Employment, Security and Safety, Legal Matters, Public Amenities and Utilities, Health and many more other information about Malaysian Government.

How do you feel about this portal? I believe most of you never even notice about the existence of this portal.

By the way, our Malaysian government has launched a brand new myGovernment website on 27-Apr-09 (yesterday).


One Service | One Delivery | No Wrong Door is the Government’s initiatives, but they put it at a very not so prominent location and the font size is so small (check it out at the righr column of this site).

Frankly speaking, I see not much different from this new portal. May be due to I never really go try click and search for information using this portal.

Let’s give our best support to this new portal and help our government to make it better and better in the future.

Do you shop online for Dresses?

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Do you shop online?

Do you shop online for dresses?

If your answer is Yes, then you may be interested to take a look for a Irenelim Fashion. You will be able to get all type of ladies cloth over here where forsure there will be some that match the design you like.

May try get a Free dresses and Free delivery from Irenelim here before you start to paying them. Ha ha.

Happy Birthday to Ronalaik

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Hoi Ronalaik,


彬绮: 坏蛋舅舅,生日快乐。 我要 coco cake cake.

彦慷: 坏蛋舅舅,生日快乐。

Seong Seong:生日快乐。



MM2H – Malaysia My 2nd Home

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We have heard about so many Malaysian that never came back after studies in overseas as they have got more opportunities overseas or people like to call it as “Moon at overseas is brighter”. How true is that?

I have recently heard about MM2H and seems like this is a very successful project which attract more than 12,000 foreigners joining this program. It is a WOW right?

Malaysia Boleh !!


Malaysia My Second Home Programme – MM2H – is a program that offered foreigners from around the world along with their spouse and children, to reside and or retire in Malaysia. They would be given a 10-year Visit Pass with a Multiple Entry Visa that is guaranteed renewable unless they have violated the Malaysia rules & regulations.

MM2H program has been running since few years back by the Malaysian government. This program is opened to all citizens of countries recognized by Malaysia regardless of race, religion, gender with age 18 years old and above together with their dependants from countries politically recognized by Malaysia.

MM2H participants are allowed to work part time, invest and actively participate in businesses (subject to existing Government policies, regulations and guidelines).

Criterias For Application

  1. A valid Medical Insurance in Malaysia
  2. A Certified Medical Report from a local doctor / specialist.
  3. Meeting the Financial Requirements below

The financial requirement for applicant can be found here.

Isn’t it cool if you can have summer 365 days a year?  Haha.


Congratulation to Beng

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Beng and Ling,

Congratulation for your new born baby boy. All of us in office were so happy to know about this good News. Congratulation and really Congratulation.

I believe you feel nothing besides HAPPY for now. Enjoy it.

Remember to post up more photo for us to view.

It is Earth Day Today

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Today is 22-Apr-09 (Wednesday) and it is 39th Birthday for Earth Day. Let’s go for a very brief history for Earth Day. Founder of Earth Day is Gaylord Nelson and the first ever Earth Day was celebrated back in year 1970.

Happy Earth Day to everyone and let’s together keep our world clean all the time instead of just on Earth Day.


Lose again in today Wii Competition

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hem hem hem !! like the title say, lose again in Laser Hockey in today’s Wii Competitionbut I really enjoy today’s Laser Hockey while playing against Avian. Both of us are around the same level of skill and both of us are playing by defending. haha.

Avian – Happy Birthday to you and your wish to break your ” 0 ” come true d.

Those who do not know how laser hockey looks like may refer to image below:


Video on how Laser Hockey is play as below:

Last Wii Competition game for Wiiner team will be on this Thursday. Gambateh to Wiiner.