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Happy 牛 Year to All

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Today is already 2nd day of CNY, both my princess and Prince oioi liao, finally have time to write something here again


Main purpose for this post is to wish everyone Happy  牛  Year


May the year of OX bring you more success, more happiness, more healthy, more money, more hope, more dream, more goal to achieve, more target to hit, more friend, more love, more beautiful, more …
I’m so happy for these 1st and 2nd day of CNY as I got a lot of new cloth for my princess and prince. It will be like fashion show especially for my little princess for coming few more days.
Myself? only get 1 dress, 1 slack, 1 cloth, and 1 t-shirt. is this consider too little or already a lot?
Oh ya, see below for a cute and nice image for OX year from a forward mail that I would like to share with all of you here. Hope you all like it too.




Happy 牛 Year

Just look at the clock, is already 12.30am and means is already 3rd day of CNY liao.
Good night everyone, got to oioi also liao. Tomorow got to wake up earlier to prepare to bring my princess and price back to Taiping.


poor little chyi and kang

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My little Kang Kang fall sick since early January 2009
started with flu following by cough.
not recovering even after taking medicine from Doctor
coughing and flu become more serious and requires steam inhalation to reduce blockage on his airways caused by the phelgm

A week later, Chyi jiejie also fall sick transmitted by Kang

Chyi and Kang’s papa took them to Ipoh (Child specialist) for further checkup as mimi is not around that weekend attending seminars in Singapore
Chyi and Kang, mimi miss you so much during the trip
but, mimi learn a lot of new thing in this trip

when mimi went back last weekend and see both of you are recovering
mimi feel much better and not too worry now
mimi wish that both of you will be fully recover asap

CNY coming soon
mimi will be off for a whole week and accompany both of you for CNY celebration
mimi will bring both of you go Taiping kaikai

As always, mimi miss you sooooooooooooooooo much.

Happy Year 2009 to ALL

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Happy New Year to EveyOne.
A New Year, A New Start for my blog

Wishing you the best of luck in year 2009 and wishing you for all the good thing also 长长久久。

So excited. finally installed my own WordPress and started my first post
what shall I write for the first post as people always say 好的开始,是成功的一半。

Let me share here for some of my goal for this blog.

  • to have more exposure to internet world
  • to have at least 1 post per week
  • to share some of my experience to all
  • to share knowledge with everyone
  • to share about my children

More and more intersting post will be up here for you. Stay Tune!